St Michael the Archangel

St Michael Gallery Pg 1 St Michael Gallery Pg 2 St Michael Gallery Pg 3 Chaplet Litany Novena 1 Novena 2 Saint Michael the Archangel St Michael the Archangel Virtual Retreat HouseFr Victor Hoagland, C.PInvitation to a Short Virtual Retreat, Real Prayer: a Short Virtual Retreat Monte Sant'AngelThe sanctuary, it's history, the grotto, the apparitionsIn Italian San Michele Arcangelo, Patrono della Santa ChiesaIn Italian The Saint Michael Center for the Blessed Virgin MaryChaplet of St. Michael, History of St. Michael the Archangel Prayer, St. Michael the Archangel Prayers, St. Michael the Archangel Apparitions, St. Michael the Archangel Story St. Michael, the ArchangelCatholic Online Saints St. Philomena Patroness of the Children of Mary, Patroness of the Living RosaryPrayers to St. Michael Le Apparizioni di S Michele Modern Papal VisionsThe apparitions and visions that occassionally occur to the successors of Peter are difficult to definitively verify. For a variety of reasons, members of the Vatican's heirarchy do not like to broadcast the mystical experiences of the head of the Catholic Church. Despite this reluctance, from time to time details of such incidents do surface, almost always without attribution. Unfortunately, these episodes are nearly impossible to independently follow-up and evaluate. Nonetheless, the reality of these visions appears to be supported by the multiple sources that report a remarkably similar set of information describing the circumstanmces of the purported vision. MichaelEncyclopaedia Britannica

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