Catholic Dress

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Excerpt from the Regula Sancti Michaelis (Rule of St. Michael) Order of the Legion of St. Michael

General Directory, No 24.
We shall prepare our outward appearance by appropriate and modest dress in respect for our Lord and His Presence in the Holy Mass. This is a holy occasion and thus should be treated in the most holy manner -- in body, mind, spirit, and dress.
Therefore we ask men and boys coming to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to come dressed properly. Garments that are overly casual, sleeveless, tight fitting, or otherwise immodest or provocative are not considered appropriate.
We ask women and girls to come reverently and modestly dressed with head covers (mantilla), and with skirts, dresses, loose fitting and appropriate pants suits or similar attire. All apparel worn by women and girls must not be overly casual, sleeveless, tight fitting, or otherwise immodest or provocative.
Exceptions to this principle of suitable attire may be made in cases of emergency, poverty, or conflicting schedule when a person may not have time to change clothing before the Holy Mass. One should take care, however, to order their schedules in such a way that an adequate time for preparation for the Holy Mass is possible.
For those who come to the Celebration of the Holy Mass in clothing not suitable, for whatever reasons, the Community may provide temporary attire for them to wear during the Mass.
As we come before our Lord, let us praise him with the respect in our dress as well as with our bodies, minds, and spirits.
Let these principles of dress also apply to coming before our Lord in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and in coming to Conventual Prayer of the Divine Office.

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