Liberalism Is a Sin

Liberalism Is a Sin by Fr. Felix Sarda Y Salvany Table of Contents Preface Chapter 1 What Begets Liberalism Chapter 2 What Is Liberalism? Chapter 3 Liberalism Is a Sin Chapter 4 The Gravity of the Sin of Liberalism Chapter 5 The Degrees of Liberalism Chapter 6 Catholic Liberalism or Liberal Catholicism Chapter 7 Intrinsic Causes of Liberal Catholicism Chapter 8 Shadow and Penumbra Chapter 9 Two Kinds of Liberalism Chapter 10 Liberalism of all Shades Condemned by the Church Chapter 11 The Solemn Condemnation of Liberalism by the Syllabus
Chapter 12 Like Liberalism but Not Liberalism, Liberalism but Not Like It Chapter 13 The Name Liberalism Chapter 14 Liberalism and Free-Thought Chapter 15 Can a Liberal Be in Good Faith? Chapter 16 The Symptoms of Liberalism Chapter 17 Christian Prudence and Liberalism Chapter 18 Liberalism and Literature Chapter 19 Charity and Liberalism Chapter 20 Polemical Charity and Liberalism Chapter 21 Personal Polemics and Liberalism Chapter 22 A Liberal Objection to Ultramontane Methods Chapter 23 The Civilta Cattolica's Charity to Liberals
Chapter 24 A Liberal Sophism and the Church's Diplomacy Chapter 25 How Catholics Fall into Liberalism Chapter 26 Permanent Causes of Liberalism Chapter 27 How to Avoid Liberalism Chapter 28 How to Distinguish Catholic From Liberal Works Chapter 29 Liberalism and Journalism Chapter 30 Can Catholics and Liberals Ever Unite? Chapter 31 An Illusion of Liberal Catholics Chapter 32 Liberalism and Authority in Particular Cases Chapter 33 Liberalism as It Is in This Country You can purchase this book at: St. Ignatius Bookshelf

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