Catholic St. Michael's Cyberspace Scriptorium and Library

SPECIAL NOTICE: We are embarking on a complete redsign of our Library — how it looks and is displayed. Please excuse the mess while we do this. It will take some time to redesign some 8,000+ pages since we are short on volunteers to work on the project, but eventually we will get it done (hopefully in time for the 23rd century anyway ). Thank you for your understanding and patience. The Scriptorium is a place where monks painstakingly copied and prepared books and manuscripts. Often artificial light was not allowed in the Scriptorium since it could damage the manuscripts. The work was usually performed in strict silence. Those monks who were skilled in this work—in the copying of text and in the artwork and binding would often be assigned to the Scriptorium exclusively. To learn more about monastic Scriptoriums and Libraries see the articles in the 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia under Scriptorium and Libraries. To Search our Libraries: Apologetics Church & State Conscience & Reason Early Church Documents Essays by Bro. Ignatius Mary Eucharist Family & Parenting Holocaust & the Catholic Church Homilies Inspiration Jehovah Witness & Mormonism Liberalism, Modernism, Feminism Liturgy Marriage Sacrament & Annulment National Conference of Catholic Bishops & the United States Catholic Conference News Items in the Catholic World Occult, Satanism, & the New Age Orthodoxy in Faith, Doctrine, & Spirituality Prayer Precepts of the Church & Issues of Piety Roman Curia Rule of St. Michael-Excerpts Role of the Laity in the Church Sacraments Saints Science: Evolution, Cloning, Research SSPX Synod of Bishops Vatican II Special Collections The Papal Library ~ Novenas ~ Chaplets ~ Litanies ~ Church Councils Collections Reference Room Catechisms ~ Canon Law ~ Indulgences ~ Bibles ~ Dictionaries

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