, and alleged Domain Registrar, is inducted into the Hall of Shame for three reasons. it is a spam site flagged as a dangerous place to go. DO NOT go to the site. the price they offer to renew a domain name is SIX TIMES the normal rate. like most disreputable companies they claim it takes ten days to unsubscribe you. A typical email from this spammer may have another name to peak interest. In this present case the address of the email was, making it appear to be Christian company. This, of course, is a lie. 10 days to unsubscribe: It is a bald-faced lie to claim that a computer-generated unsubscribe request takes ten business days. When the submit button is pressed, or when it is auto-generated, either way, once that button is pressed, the computer unsubscribes the person at the speed of light. It takes a nanosecond to unsubscribe a person. The reason these unscrupulous companies to this is for two primary reasons: to send you more email, maybe more offers, that will seduce you to buy something; and/or in hopes that a person will otherwise change his mind about unsubscribing We recommend that any company who uses such scuzzy tactics be boycotted. Here is the email received [Mouse over the document. at the bottom are controls to enlarge the document]: DomanServiceFake1

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