Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is inducted into the Hall of Shame for unethical (as we define ethics) business practices. The Wall Street Journal is using a unsubscribe protocol that is only used by the unscrupulous. When one unsubscribes from the emails from the Wall Street Journal, a message comes up that it will take ten business days to complete the unsubscription: It is a bald-faced lie to claim that a computer-generated unsubscribe request takes ten business days. When the submit button is pressed, or when it is auto-generated, either way, once that button is pressed, the computer unsubscribes the person at the speed of light. It takes a nanosecond to unsubscribe a person. The reason these unscrupulous companies, no matter how otherwise reputable, do this is for two primary reasons: to send you more mail, maybe more offers that will seduce you to buy something; and/or in hopes that a person will otherwise change his mind about unsubscribing We recommend that any company who uses such scuzzy tactics be boycotted.

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