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Hall of Shame - Universities & Colleges

by Catherine Frakas 04 Mar 2017

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Hall of Shame Showcases those who have offended the Christian ethic. Archive for the Universities & Colleges' Category
Fr. Stephen A. Privett, S.J. and the Vagina Monologues Thursday, July 1th, 2010 Fr. Stephen A. Privett, S.J., President of University of San Francisco, is inducted into the Hall of Shame for perverted support and defense of the Vagina Monologues. Matthew Archbold, in his LifeSiteNews article, At least ten Catholic colleges will host Vagina Monologues in 2014, observes: The Monologues seriously distorts human sexuality and celebrates sinful behaviors, including lesbian activity and masturbation. One scene even declares a lesbian rape of a teenage girl her salvation which raised her into a kind of heaven. Father Privett, in an 2013 interview, defended the play and seemingly compared it to a nativity play. How perverted can one be? The Monologues not only proposes and supports moral depravity and sin, but behavior that degrades the human person, and perverts the soul. This is straight out of hell itself. That at least ten Catholic colleges, or student groups or other groups approved by the colleges, are hosting this depravity is a major scandal. Those colleges are: The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass Georgetown University Women's Center in Washington, D.C. DePaul University in Chicago Bellarmine University in Louisville, Ky Saint Louis University (Mo.) Loyola University New Orleans (La.) Loyola University Chicago (Ill.) Saint Mary's College of California Seattle University (Wash.) Santa Clara University's does not appear to have scheduled the Monologues in 2014 as of this date, but the University has hosted the Monologues numerous times in recent years, according to Matthew Archbold’s article. We call upon the bishops of those colleges to order the colleges to cancel these productions upon pain of sin and formal censure or even expulsion of the name of Catholic from that school. Any bishop who does not do this is an accomplice to this sin, depravity, and scandal. We also call upon Fr. Privett’s superiors to censure him for his perverted remarks and support of this depraved play. Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Posted in Catholic Organizations, Catholic Personalities, Universities & Colleges | No Comments »
Kappa Sigma and Similar Fraternities Thursday, July 1th, 2010 Kappa Sigma is inducted into the Hall of Shame for the attributes that are inconsistent with Catholic or any Christian worldview. This article was originally published on our Spiritual Warfare Q&A. Since its original posting, we have received numerous emails from Kappa Sigma members protesting its publication. Most of these individuals were very polite and mature. We garnered additional information about the Fraternity, some of which is quoted in the following article: As a matter of policy, we do not recommend Catholics to join ANY Greek Fraternity as the entire Greek system, in our opinion, opens itself to, and is rife with corruption, gross immorally, and environments utterly unsuited to people of the Catholic faith and to anyone of moral integrity in general. We do not know the history specifically of Kappa Sigma members' behavior on campus or in their houses. As for Kappa Sigma and the allegation of connection with Freemasonry, we cannot at the time of this writing find any proof that Kappa Sigma derives directly from Freemasonry, but we have found circumstantial evidence that alludes to a possible connection or at least a possible influencea few examples: (more…) Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Universities & Colleges Posted in Universities & Colleges | No Comments »
University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) Thursday, July 1th, 2010 The University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) is inducted into the Hall of Shame for its honoring avowed communist Angela Davis in the school-sponsored We, the Optimists campaign as a role model. Fox News reports: Davis has long been a controversial figure in American history. She was a prominent activist and radical in the 1960s and a leader of Communist Party USA. In 1970, she was implicated in a plot to free her imprisoned lover, black revolutionary George Jackson, whose brother took over a Marin County courtroom and held a judge, an assistant district attorney and two jurors hostage. In an ensuing gun battle, the judge was murdered by a shotgun owned by Davis. Davis was charged with aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder, but fled to New York City where she was captured at a motel by FBI agents two months later. At trial, she was acquitted and she later ran for vice president of the U.S. on the Communist Party ticket.. Such a person is not a role model for American young women and men. She is the opposite of a positive role model as a person who fought against the American Constitutional Republic. For UCLA to honor this person as a role model shows the bankruptcy and dishonor UCLA officials. Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Posted in Universities & Colleges | No Comments »
West Point Military Academy Thursday, July 1th, 2010 West Point is inducted into our Hall of Shame for their hostility to Christianity. The Academy pressured War Hero General William Boykin (USA, Ret.) to withdraw from a speaking engagement at the Academy Prayer Breakfast. He was planning to speak on the importance of prayer in a leader’s life. The General was asked to withdraw after a few atheist and Muslim cadets complain about the General’s beliefs Here is the story published by the Family Research Council. February 03, 2012 by Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council It’s happened again. In a move that’s reflective of the Obama Administration’s continuing track-record of hostility toward Christianity, Lt. Gen. William Boykin (USA, Ret.), was recently pressured to withdraw from speaking at the United States Military Academy at West Point. General Boykin had been preparing to speak at the West Point Prayer Breakfast about the importance of prayer in a leader’s life. The Academy moved Boykin to pull out of the event when a handful of atheist and Muslim cadets complained about Boykin’s beliefs. The message to this elite, three-star warrior was obvious: You and your faith aren’t welcome. General Boykin is an American hero. There are few who would be more qualified to speak at a West Point prayer event. A former Delta Force leader who has faced danger for his country on missions in places like Iran, Somalia, and Grenada, General Boykin is also a man of deep Christian conviction. It is his outspoken faith that has made him a target of groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations, who lodged a complaint with West Point, which led to Boykin not speaking at the event. This isn’t the first time that an outspoken Christian has been booted from military events. Just over a year ago, I was disinvited from an event at Andrews Air Force base because of my biblical views. Before that, evangelist Franklin Graham’s invitation to a Pentagon prayer service was rescinded because he too spoke the truth about his faith. These high-profile snubbings of religious expression are only the tip of the iceberg. The Obama Administration is advancing an environment of religious disarmament among the military — and it must be stopped quickly for the sake of our soldiers’ spiritual lives. You can help the brave men and women of our military. Please join with me in signing our petition that calls on Congress and the Obama Administration to take action to ensure that America’s brave warriors have access to free and full expression of their faith. Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Posted in Universities & Colleges | No Comments »
Prof fired for Explaining Church Teaching Thursday, July 1th, 2010 The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is inducted into our Hall of Shame not only for violating the venerated academic freedom that every professor and student is suppose to enjoy, but for violating the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and offending God and Catholic Church. The University fired Professor Kenneth Howell, a Catholic, for teaching Catholic teaching in a university course on Catholic teaching on Natural Law and Homosexuality. A university cannot censor professors' speech – including classroom speech related to the topic of the class – merely because certain ideas offend' an anonymous student, said Howell’s attorney, ADF Senior Counsel David French. To fire a professor for teaching the actual subject matter of his course is outrageous. It's ridiculous that a school would fire a professor without even giving him a chance to defend himself when he simply taught Catholic beliefs in a class about Catholic beliefs. There is ZERO question that if Professor Howell taught against Catholic teaching and that homosexuality was as good as rain, he would not have been fired if Catholic student groups protested. This hypocrisy is so far off the charts as to need a high-powered telescope to see it. This is an outright attack upon religious freedom in this country — similar to what has been happening in other alleged freedom countries such as Canada and England. Here is the story:
U. of Illinois Fires Catholic Prof for Explaining Church Teaching on Homosexuality By Kathleen Gilbert URBANA, Illinois, July 12, 2010 ( – A Catholic professor has been fired from the University of Illinois for sending an email to students in a course on Catholic doctrine, explaining how homosexual activity is contrary to the natural moral law. Kenneth Howell of Champaign, IL, also lost his job with the diocese of Peoria at the Newman center on campus, where he had been employed for 12 years, after university officials confronted Howell about the email. Howell had taught Introduction to Catholicism and Modern Catholic Thought at the university’s Department of Religion since 2001. In an account posted by, Howell says that although students in the course have often disagreed with Catholic teaching in the past, in Spring 2010 he noticed the most vociferous reaction that I have ever had regarding the Catholic teaching against homosexuality as morally wrong. It seemed out of proportion to all that I had known thus far, he wrote. This, he said, spurred him to send an email explaining how this issue might be decided within competing moral systems, contrasting utilitarianism and natural moral law. If we take utilitarianism to be a kind of cost-benefit analysis, I tried to show them that under utilitarianism, homosexual acts would not be considered immoral whereas under natural moral law they would, he wrote. This is because natural moral law, unlike utilitarianism, judges morality on the basis of the acts themselves. In the email, as quoted by the Associated Press, Howell had written: Natural Moral Law says that Morality must be a response to REALITY. In other words, sexual acts are only appropriate for people who are complementary, not the same. After the end of the semester, Howell says he was summoned to the office of Robert McKim, chairman of the Department of Religion, where he was told his email had been forwarded to the Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Concerns, and that he would no longer be able to teach at the university. Despite discussion of the email’s contents, said Howell, McKim was quite insistent that my days of teaching in the department were over. Howell offered not to address the subject of homosexuality in class, and averred that to dismiss me for teaching the Catholic position in a class on Catholicism was a violation of academic freedom and my first amendment rights of free speech. This made no difference. Because the diocese of Peoria reportedly only permits university professors to teach at the campus Newman center, Howell lost his position there as well. Howell is now pursuing legal action with an Alliance Defense Fund attorney. Initial attempts to contact the Diocese of Peoria and the University of Illinois have been unsuccessful as of press time. Dr. Howell declined to comment before speaking with his lawyer. The case, while extraordinary in the United States, has been foreshadowed by similar discrimination in Canada and elsewhere. Dr. Chris Kempling, a teacher in British Columbia, was cited for professional misconduct and his license suspended after writing letters to a local newspaper explaining Christian belief on homosexuality. Kempling fought the charges all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court, where his appeal was denied – leaving him with hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. ADF attorneys see Howell's case as part of an ominous trend on college campuses. A university cannot censor professors' speech – including classroom speech related to the topic of the class – merely because certain ideas offend' an anonymous student, said Howell’s attorney, ADF Senior Counsel David French. To fire a professor for teaching the actual subject matter of his course is outrageous. It's ridiculous that a school would fire a professor without even giving him a chance to defend himself when he simply taught Catholic beliefs in a class about Catholic beliefs.
Read Professor Howell’s Letter on this. (pdf file) See Updates to this story and a response from the University President. To voice your outrage at this hypocritical violation of the University’s own standards of academic freedom, write to: Pubic Affairs: With copies to: Michael J. Hogan, President 364 Henry Administration Building, MC-346 506 S. Wright St. Urbana, IL 61801 217-333-3070 and Christopher G. Kennedy, Chair Board of Trustees Office 352 Henry Administration Building, MC-350 506 South Wright Street Urbana, IL 61801 217-333-1920 Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Posted in Universities & Colleges | No Comments »
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