Rapper Common

We induct the Rapper Common into the Hall of Shame because his rap supports violence, specifically the killing of police officers. Rap, which is not music, is in our Hall of Shame in general. It is a style of rhythmic talking that encourages violence, drugs, and sex, including sexual violence. It is among to most offensive and disrespectful to women. Rap, as a whole, and as a genre of music has no value. Common claims to be Christian, but faith is proven by its fruits. Here is an excerpt from his Go: (Go) She was a bad (uh), the type at the club niggaz would grab her (Go) Fantasized when I had her, in the bathroom sweatin’ with her ass up (Go) The body of a dancer, we had chemistry cuz she was a Cancer Thought forever it would last for, but forever move faster, so I had to (Go) Still I gotta pause when I think about her in dem draws (Go) And a ooh baby she liked it raw and like rain when she came it poured (Go) And like a car that I can’t afford I would want it then want some more The positions our frames explored let me know she was secure, back for more I wanna

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