John MacArthur Exposed

John MacArthur, the popular fundamentalist preacher, denounces the Catholic Church by misrepresenting Catholic doctrine about salvation of those outside the Church. MacArthur seems to completely ignore that this doctrine is contained within the dogma of No Salvation Outside the Church. He uses as his proof a newspaper report quoting Pope John Paul II. There is no news report ever written that has quoted the Pope in context. MacArthur apparently does not think that researching the source material and the actual doctrinal statements is needed — a newspaper report is sufficient for him. MacArthur would not agree with Catholic Doctrine even if he knew it, and apparently does not agree with Billy Graham whom he also calls preaching a lie. It should be noted that MacArthur comes from the man-made traditions of Calvinism (only 500 years old) and also of the man-made tradition of dispensationalism, (invented in the 19th Century). His theology is not the historic Christianity, but a modern human rendition that believes that unless one specifically confesses Jesus Christ according to the fundamentalist formula they will go to hell. This includes those people who, from no fault of their own, have never heard of Christ. MacArthur’s god is apparently a god who has no mercy upon those who have never heard of Jesus and the Gospel. This does not make sense, is hardly a god of mercy and justice, and is a position that is unrecognizable by the God we know from the Bible. For intellectual dishonesty, failing to even learn the complete doctrine of the Church on this subject, and thereby denouncing the Church not upon knowledge, but upon rash judgment, he is inducted into the Hall of Shame. His speech where he denounces the Catholic Church, and also Billy Graham, follow:

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