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General Motors Corporation is inducted into our Hall of Shame for their support of the homosexual agenda. The American Family Association released this ACTION ALERT on March 27, 2008: General Motors Supports The Gay Agenda General Motors has made a decision to help promote the homosexual agenda. The automaker supports the gay agenda with advertising in homosexual publications and on the gay TV cable channel LOGO. GM’s Cadillac regularly places full-page ads in The Advocate, a magazine dedicated to pushing the homosexual agenda. The LOGO TV network carries programs promoting the lifestyle. Jon Brancheau, director of media operations for Saturn (a subsidiary of General Motors), left no doubt about General Motors’ support for the homosexual lifestyle. In a letter to someone who complained about GM’s sponsorship of an episode of the LOGO program Adam and Steve, Mr. Brancheau wrote. Given that this film aired on the LOGO network, which is widely know(n) to offer content oriented for a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender audience, we feel comfortable with our decision to advertise during LOGO’s broadcast of the film. Mr. Brancheau’s comments make it very clear that GM knew the content and nature of the programs on LOGO, and they have no reservations about sponsoring the Steve and Adam program and supporting the homosexual network. General Motors reply to these complaints is posted on their website. The GM response says:
GM Statement Regarding the American Family Association’s Complaints About Advertising in GLBT-Friendly Media March 28, 2008 Thank you for taking time to share your concerns about GM’s advertising and media activities. As the world’s largest automaker, GM markets vehicles to all Americans, and we value all of our customers. We make no secret of the fact that we communicate with many different audiences. GM is also a leader in supporting corporate diversity programs. We believe that by valuing and respecting the many differences and similarities among all of us, we can create a better workplace for our employees and provide a more welcoming place for people who want to buy our cars and trucks. Because of your concerns, we have reviewed and continue to monitor our advertising practices and believe that they are consistent with our policies. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.
To express your concern write: General Motors Corporation P.O. Box 33170 Detroit, MI 48232-5170 Feedback Form

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