Facebook Social Network

Facebook Social Network is inducted into our Hall of Shame for what is, in our view, disreputable and dishonorable business practices. In addition to the founder of Facebook having a mind of a 14 year old and does not care about the privacy of his customers, Facebook often kicks people off the their service without telling the person why. When asked, they come up with the excuse, Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we cannot provide additional information as to why your account was disabled. This decision is final. This is utter nonsense. Or, as we say in Iowa, this is a load of bull s—. The reason a person was kicked off can be revealed without revealing other people who may have filed complaints. This dodge to tell the reason is nothing but a cowardly obfuscation that, according to the business standards we promote, is dishonest and a mark of an utter lack of integrity. To kick someone off the service is one thing, but to keep secret the reason shows not only a lack of integrity on the part of Facebook, but begs the question of whether or not the booting was for legitimate reasons. No business or organization who acts in this way can be considered an ethical one in our view. Facebook is also known for removing accounts of Christians, ProLife accounts, and simliar discrimination against people of good will and good morals. Under no circumstances can Facebook be recommended to anyone with integrity and moral values. As a result of Facebook’s arrogant and bigoted treatment of people with virtue, other similar sites are beginning to be formed, such as ProLifeBook, Faithbook, and * Christian Forums (which has been around for a long time and has a large membership. It is a Bulletin Board style, which is actually better than the Facebook-style interface). In addition there is also Linkedin, which is a Facebook-style social networking group for professionals of all stripes. * ProLifeBook and Faithbook are no longer in operation

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