Christian Forums

Christian Forums, a non-Catholic discussion social network (with a Catholic section), is inducted into our Hall of Shame because moderators of the Forum have joined the growing number of Social Networking sites who ban members because of a member’s past sins, even though the member has behaved in stellar manner on the Forum. This is direct violation of the Christian Ethic of charity, forgiveness, and recognition of redemption. One’s past sins are never to held against him. The Christian Ethic opposes Scarlet Letter treatment of people. It is a direct violation of how Jesus dealt with people, for example, the woman caught in adultery, which was a sex crime punishable by death. Jesus told the woman, go and sin no more. Such behavior on the part of Christian Forums constitute sins of bigotry and rash judgment against their members. If such members had nefarious intentions on the Forums they would not be joining the Forum with their real names and information. In a manner similar to gun control, such laws only effect law-biding citizens, as criminals can readily gain access to guns. Here, such banning of members only effects those members of good faith and intent, while people of nefarious intent can join the Forum at will. It is not known if the owners have established this policy. We recognize that sometimes these decisions are made by individual moderators unbeknownst to the owners. Nevertheless, this policy against the Christian Ethic is exercised by Christian Forums.

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