Demon-seed Children get Teachers Fired

Those children who lie, connive, conspire, and manipulate officials to get a teacher fired are inducted into our Hall of Shame. Lives are being ruined by these demon-seed brats who lie to get a teacher fired whom they do not like or for which they got a grade lower than they wanted. There is nothing new about this. Back in 1961 there was a movie about this phenomena entitled, The Children’s Hour, starring Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, and James Garner. Martha, the character played by MacLaine, and Karen, the character played by Hepburn, were accused of having a lesbian relationship by Mary, a little bully of a girl whom was disciplined by Karen for lying. As a result the private school run by Karen and Martha was closed down. Even after it was discovered that Mary had lied it was too late. In the end Karen’s fiance© doubts her. She breaks off the engagement. Martha (the MacLaine character), feeling responsible for all this kills herself. This is not just a movie. This sort of complete ruin of a person’s life happens all the time when these demon-seed brats seek to get their teachers fired. The difference from the times past and today is that the phenomena has become epidemic and more, the brats are posting videos on YouTube to tutor other kids how to get their teachers fired. These children should not be suspended, they should be expelled from school and lose all credits for the year. Parents who do not take down the videos of their kids posting these tutoring videos need to be sued for slander. The National Education Association has a post about the negative effects of false reports it cited one teacher as committing suicide afterward. Greg Lawler, an attorney with the Colorado Education Association, has written a book, Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Teachers and Accusations of Abuse, which documents how false allegations can ruin careers and lives. Whenever there is an allegation, there is a victim, whether it is the accused or the accuser, Lawler says. Students these days know all too well the consequences of an abuse complaint, and they know how to game the system, he warns. They know how to get an unpopular teacher fired by making false allegations, and unfortunately, some of them try to do just that. As a result of this trend, teachers can no longer be alone with any child for any reason (even for a conference after class to discuss grades or a term paper), or touch them in any way (not even a hand-shake), for fear of any gesture could be used in a false allegation. Even taking these precautions does not guarantee protection as these little angels have turned into demon-seeds who will outright lie to get a teacher fired Such phenomena is another sign of the death of our culture.

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