Associated Press

In this season of the Presidential election cycle and the fly in the works that is Sarah Palin, the Liberal press has reared its ugly and disingenuous head in ways that surely liberals themselves can see. The Hissy Fit is incredible and so obvious that anyone who cannot see this must be an idiot (I.Q. under 25). The Associated Press has joined the Hissy Fit to reveal their bigotry. When the Palin’s delayed the release of their tax returns until this Friday, the AP insinuated (emm, is that journalism), that the Palin’s had something to hide and thus wants to release their returns on a Friday when fewer people watch TV. Two weeks ago the Biden’s released their tax returns on a Friday and not one word from the Associated Press about any hidden agenda on the Biden’s part. The Associated Press is inducted into our Hall of Shame for demonstrating their bigotry and utter violation of all that is suppose to be Journalism. The Associated Press has shown themselves to be a yellow rag. The hypocrisy (and Hissy Fit) continues…..

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