Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is inducted into the Hall of Shame for her rabid and sometimes demonic bigotry against the Catholic Church. Her comment in a Tweet is a good example of the evil she spews. The Catholic Church was largely built by pedophiles. Another example, I’m an American and this is why our founders (not immigrants!) distrusted Catholics & wouldn’t make them citizens. Miss Coulter is well known for her ant-Catholic remarks. Given her stature in the media one would think she would research the issues she talks about. Apparently not. In this very stupid remark in the first paragraph above, the Church was built by the Apostles of Jesus and their successors. In addition, nearly all the priests who molested anyone were not pedophiles, who are interested in prepubescent children. Nearly all the the priest molesters were homosexual, which are persons not qualified to be ordained (the story about that is too far afield of the purpose of this post). These men were hebephiles, those interested in post-pubescent children around 11-14. The press knows this difference between the two preoccupations. Our agency received a call from the Chicago Sun-Times in which the reporter admitted that they knew the difference. But, pedophile is more sensational and sells more newspapers. Of the world’s priests, about 1-1/2 percent or less were involved in any sexual crime. Miss Coulter fails to mention that the rate of priests molesting is far below molesting by non-Catholic Christians, teachers, and many other groups, especially the mental heath and child services agency. One study found that psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers account for 66% of the molesting cases perpetrated by professionals. Clergy of all stripes accounted for 11%. Christianity Today, the flagship evangelical magazine, reports several decades ago that 30% of evangelical pastors admitted to sexual improprieties with their parishioners. And this list can go on and on, but it is the Catholic Church who is the boogie man. Ya right. What it is, is just plain ‘ol ugly bigotry.

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