Tom Naughton and his documentary, Fathead

We induct Tom Naughton into our Hall of Honor for his documentary, Fathead, that exposes the lies and distortions fed to the public by government and some scientists with a conflict of interest with agriculture. Naughton tells the truth, and proves his points that fat and cholesterol does not cause Heart Disease. In the documentary Naughton does on a McDonald’s only diet for one month. He loses 12 pounds and his cholesterol count was great. This is a must see documentary. Good work, Tom. We will be looking at your work often. Click here for his website Here is a trailer for the movie: And this excerpt: A couple of the Food Police were interviewed on John Stossel‘s show. They tried to explain why we need them to protect us against our bad decisions. The clip is interspersed with commits from Naughton and clips from his documentary.

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