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President Donald Trump is inducted into the Hall of Honor for courageous stance on life of the unborn. LifeSiteNews reports: President Donald Trump: Unborn Babies Have a Basic and Fundamental Human Right, the Right to Life STEVEN ERTELT JUN 28, 2018 | 11:42AM WASHINGTON, DC President Donald Trump today issued a letter to the National to Life Committee as hundreds of pro-life advocates gather to open its national convention today in Kansas City. In his letter to the pro-life advocates, President Trump made it clear that he believes unborn children have a fundamental right to life. We all have a duty to defend the most basic and fundamental human right — the right to life. As President I am dedicated to protecting the lives of every American including the unborn, Trump wrote. The President also defended his pro-life record talking about the accomplishments he has made sense being elected president. Some of those accomplishments include defunding the international Planned Parenthood abortion business as well as signing legislation to make it easier for states to defund the abortion giant. He has also redirected taxpayer funds from the abortion company’s sex-ed programs to legitimate women’s health centers. Since my first day in office I have taken concrete actions to defend the right to life. One of the first actions I took as President was to reinstate the Mexico City policy to ensure the taxpayer dollars are not used to fund organizations that perform abortions in foreign countries. I also signed into law legislation that allows states to prioritize how they spend their family planning grant money, giving States the choice to withhold taxpayer funding from organizations that perform abortions. Further, last month my Administration proposed updates to the regulations governing the Title X Family Planning program in order to improve Women’s Health and ensure that federal funds are not used to fund the abortion industry in violation of law. The president concluded by thanking the hundreds of pro-life advocates gathered at the National Right to Life convention for their efforts protecting babies from abortion. He wrote: The National Right to Life Committee’s work is critical to protecting our nation’s most vulnerable. Since 1968 you have provided a voice to the voiceless. Each day you help spread compassion and promote the dignity of every human person. I am truly grateful for your efforts and I remain committed to continue working with you as we cultivate a world that values and regards every human life.

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