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Colleen Bayer is inducted into the Hall of Honor for her courageous stand for the truth concerning homosexual priests, gender ideology, and same-sex marriage.
Colleen is a papal Dame in the Order of St. Gregory the Great and president of Family Life International New Zealand. The three stories she presented at the Life Forum 2016 in Rome were shocking but illustrative of the culture of death that has engulfed our culture like a tsunami.
As the late Father Paul Marx, famous pro-life missionary told her about how to cope with all this evil raging around us, Beware of the tentacles of Satan. Look for the hand of God, and move ahead.
In her first story she talks about homosexual priest she knew who related horrific stories of his time at seminary in Rome that included homosexual orgies,
Colleen said, And it broke my heart. I used to think that we worship under the dome of Rome, that we come here [in Rome] to our home. But then to learn that in the seminary here…the devastation, the filth, and the stuff that went on is appalling.
This priest, who was a friend of Colleen and her husband took his own life.
In the second story she relates how her own adopted disabled child was molested by the bus driver of the disabled bus. A few years after this Colleen and her husband were horrified to learn that the leaders of a special needs group were teaching and pushing the gender and homosexual ideology to the disabled children in their charge. These leader told the kids things like, ‘It’s all okay, and especially if you have a disability;’ ‘Same sex stuff is great: You are not going to get pregnant, you are not going to have a baby;’ and ‘You can do whatever you like to do.’
Colleen found her daughter on a mattress on the floor in the middle of the room with an disabled man who was being intimate with her. When Colleen, in shock, vehemently confronted the leader, the leader replied, Excuse me, but they are a couple.
In the third story a pregnant homosexual woman came to the crisis pregnancy center that Colleen directs. The woman wanted an abortion so she go go back to her wife who was horribly beating her. Colleen and her colleagues succeeded in convincing the woman to not have an abortion. After the baby was born the woman went back to her abusive spouse. She was later killed by that spouse.
Beware of the tentacles of Satan. Look for the hand of God, and move ahead.
Here is her talk:
[Source: LifeSiteNews]

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