Bishop Robert Vasa

Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker, Oregon is inducted into our Hall of Honor for his courageous decision to yank the title Catholic from St. Charles Hospital in Bend, OR earlier this year. The hospital was providing surgical sterilization, a violation of Catholic teaching which states that the direct mutilation of an organ of the body and is not true health. The hospital refused to change their practice after extensive efforts of the Bishop to convince to conform to Catholic teaching. Thus, the Bishop yanked the Catholic name and insignia from the building. They were allowed to keep the Cross on the building but was reminded of their failure to live up to the challenge of the Cross. James Deigel, president of the healthcare chain, said that the hospital had an obligation to provide comprehensive health care services to our patients while remaining true to our values of compassion and caring for all. As one commentator remarked, and we agree, This sounds like slimy Planned Parenthood language if you ask me. Thank you Bishop for being the Pastor Bishops ought to be.

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