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by Catherine Frakas 09 Apr 2021

a moderated Chatroom for Loyal and orthodox Catholics(and non-Catholics friendly to the Church)

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Introduction and WelcomeWhy Real Catholic ChatOur PurposeMembership QualificationsProtocols and RulesDisclaimer and Statement of ObedienceModerator's Name and EmailChatroom ScheduleMember Application Form

Introduction and Welcome
Welcome to our family here at St. Michael House Cyberspace Monastery and our REAL CATHOLIC CHAT -- the most traditional, loyal and Magisterium affirming, pro-life site on the Internet. We are the place where loyal Catholics can be safe as one can be from those who would detract us from our faith.

NOTE: This Chatroom requires a Java Enabled Browser. Java Enabled browsers are available for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and for MACs. See Compatibility Page for information on which browsers are compatible and to find links to download a Java Enabled browser.
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One of the most common remarks we here from Catholics is Why can't there be a Chatroom on the Net that is just for Catholics loyal to the Church? This comment is made in frustration after experiencing various chatrooms, some who, are labeled as Catholic, which tend to be populated by anti-Catholic bashers, liberal detractors, and disobedient ultra-traditionalists.
While these other Chatrooms serve a valuable purpose of evangelization and witness of the historic Catholic Faith to those who challenge that Faith, there is also a great need of a protected place of rest and fellowship among those of like faith, those who are loyal and orthodox and obedient to the Catholic Church (and non-Catholics friendly to the Church), to find fellowship and sharing without the intrusions of the bashers, detractors, and the disobedient.
Now comes REAL CATHOLIC CHAT to fill that need.
REAL CATHOLIC CHAT is a membership-only and moderated Chatroom which, unlike any other chatroom on the Net, screens people as to their orthodoxy (or in the case of non-Catholics, to their friendliness to the Church).
We make no apologies in saying to any Catholic who is not loyal, orthodox, and obedient to all of the teachings and discipline of the Catholic Church or at least trying to be (or saying to a non-Catholic who is not friendly and cordial to the Catholic Church) that their presence is not welcomed on this Chatroom. There are hundreds of other Chatrooms in which such a person may participate in, and hopefully, be catechized and evangelized to know the beauty of the Catholic Church. But this place, REAL CATHOLIC CHAT, is a protected space of fellowship away from such distractions.
Although we can take steps to ensure that anti-Catholics and people who assert teachings and ideas contrary to the faith are not given access to this Chatroom, sometimes these individuals will slip through. When that happens, our moderators are here to take care of it to protect the environment of the room.
But, even when we are all loyal Catholics, we all know that family members at times bicker and get on each other's nerves. Should times occur when such familial bickering gets out of hand, again our moderators are available to handle the situation.
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Our Purpose
REAL CATHOLIC CHAT is to design a protected place of rest and fellowship among Catholics, and non-Catholics who are friends. The idea is to have a place where the intrusions from bashers and detractors are unlikely to happen.
Thus we ask potential Catholic members whether they are 100% loyal to the Church, though honest people seeking to understand Church teachings, but are not challenging Church teaching, are welcomed. If the Catholic applicant is not 100% loyal to the Church, or is really challenging the Church rather than honestly seeking to understand, we respectfully ask that person to seek chatting in another place.
If one is not a Catholic, we ask if that person is positively disposed and friendly to the Church, and is honestly seeking fellowship and understanding. If not, we respectfully ask that person to seek chatting in another place.
Whether Catholic or not, the bottom line is that wanting to understand a teaching is fine, HONEST questions about teachings are fine (if they are honest; there is a form of questioning that is not intended to be a true inquiry, but is designed to challenge the faith subtlely), but challenges to dogma will not be permitted at all.
Issues that are not dogmatic, but have been asserted by Church, in her teaching or discipline, thus are not infallible and irreformable, can have some differing opinions. But even with such non-dogmatic issues we are to assent to the Church's teaching and discipline with respect, and not with rebellion or the spirit of rebellion. This description of our responsibilities, by the way, is out of Canon Law and Vatican II documents.
On other areas that are not dogmatic, and not dealt with in binding Church teaching and discipline, can be freely opinionated as far as the East is to the West.
Bottom line.....This chatroom is for REAL CATHOLICS to fellowship with one another, to help each other to understand the faith, to encourage one another, and to help each other live the TRUE Catholic faith in this world gone mad. Detractors, cafeteria Catholics (unless honestly seeking and struggling to be loyal to the Church), and hecklers can go elsewhere.
If you qualify under one of the following categories, please go to the Follow the Yellow Brick Road link below which lead you to the Real Catholic Chat member application. Come join us in going where no man has gone before -- a Catholic Chatroom on the Net void of bashers and detractors!
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Membership Qualifications:

100% loyal, orthodox, and obedient Catholic,
a Catholic who is not sure but who is honestly seeking to understand, rather than to challenge the faith or to assert a non-obedient agenda, or
a non-Catholic who seeks not to challenge our faith or bash our Church, but to understand and fellowship with us.

At this time we are not prepared to monitor the chatroom activities of children. Accepting children as members of Real Catholic Chat poses problems with parental consent and with levels of maturity that may disrupt the room.
This, at this time, membership is restricted to those Nineteen (19) years or older.
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Protocols and Rules
Before applying for membership in Real Catholic Chat, you must read the applicable Protocols and Rules. By Applying to the REAL CATHOLIC CHAT you are agreeing to all these Protocols.
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Disclaimer and Statement of Obedience

OPINIONS EXPRESSED: Opinions expressed by the members of this chatroom are solely their own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the moderators or of the owners of the Chatroom.
CHATROOM OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY: Real Catholic Chat, and this entire WebSite, is exclusively owned and operated by the Legion of St. Michael who is solely responsible for its administration and contents unless otherwise noted. Thus any problems or concerns about this Chatroom, or any aspect of this Website, or about the Legion's representatives needs to be addressed DIRECTLY to the Legion of St. Michael.

LEGION OF ST. MICHAEL: The Legion of St. Michael (Association) is a new, experimental, and independent private association of lay Catholics and is not in any way an official subdivision of or an official spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church or any subdivision thereof (or of any other apostolate or organization).
Opinions, writings, and speeches expressed by members of the Association are solely those of the members alone, or if speaking in the name of the Association are expressing official opinions that are solely the Association's, and do not necessarily represent the official opinions or policy of the Roman Catholic Church or of any of its subdivisions (or of any other apostolate or organization).
OBEDIENCE OF THE LEGION: Although not an official branch of the Church, the Legion of St. Michael fully submits itself to the authentic teaching authority of the Pope and Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church and to appropriate ecclesiastic supervision as provided for in Canon Law for Private Associations. Additionally, each of our members must affirm Loyalty to that authentic teaching authority as a condition of membership. All Professed members of the Association must make this Loyalty Oath at the time of their First Profession.
Therefore, when we publish any form of writing, or make any speech, or offer any advice or counseling, or moderate any chatroom or mail list, the Legion and its representatives seek to express only official teachings on subjects for which an official teaching exists - submitting all personal opinions to that official teaching. In other areas, where latitude of opinion is allowed, every attempt is made to offer opinions that are in full accord with the general spiritual principles and teachings of the Church, Sacred Scriptures, and Sacred Tradition.
Additionally, there has been some confusion about whether we are associated with this or that St. Michael group. Indeed, it is important to note that many Catholic and non-Catholic organizations include St. Michael in their name. The Legion of St. Michael, however, was founded as a completely new organization independent of and without affiliation with any other St. Michael group.

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Moderator's Name and Email

John-Paul IgnatiusEMAIL: chatmaster@saint-mike.orgICQ Network: 1037859

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Chatroom Schedule
Since we are still new, you might not find someone in the room at all times. But that will change as more and more people sign-up for this unique Chatroom and begin to populate it. Currently our published schedule of moderated times are from 9:30 - 11:00 pm Central Time daily, except Thursday when the moderated times are 9:00 - 11:00 Central Time. During these times we guarantee someone will be in the room, unless otherwise indicated.
Thursday Night at 9:00pm Central is Reginald's Corner. This is teaching and discussing time hosted by Ronald Curley. Ron presents a variety of material in a teaching, question and answer, and discussion format.
Wednesday Nights at 9:30pm Central is Wednesday Roundtable. This period of discussion may be hosted by a variety of people and on many different topics such as, living the consecrated life, spiritual warfare, vocations, morality on TV, and any other topics of interest.
Also offered in our Real Catholic Chat are opportunities for online prayer, including the use of Real Audio to following along in prayer listening to a leader recite the rosary or other prayers.
And, of course, other times not specifically scheduled, are open for General Discussion.
We have a Chatroom Newsletter that will keep you abreast of scheduled times, activities, and topic subjects.
To better serve you and to provide activities of interest, please be sure to fill out the survey included with the application that asks what times you would like to use the Chatroom, what topics you would like to see discussed, and any other suggestions you might have.
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