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by Catherine Frakas 02 Jan 2007

The Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael is an independent and international prayer, evangelistic, apologetic, educational, and faith Association of lay Catholics.
The Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael, as an association of Catholics brought together by private agreement amongst ourselves and reaching out to individuals worldwide, is not associated with any particular diocese. We do not, at this time, have ecclesial recognition — however, such formal recognition is not required or needed for the laity to pursue perfection, holiness, evangelization, and the apostolate. The Church has already given its permission through its various decrees and declarations on the laity (see our Statement of Church Status).
Our mission in the tradition of the spiritualities of Carmel, Ignatius Loyola, Montfort, Francis, and Benedict, is to seek the face of God in prayer, to find Christ in community, to serve our brethren in need, and to confront Satan and his schemes in Spiritual Warfare.
Membership is composed of Oblates Secular (laity), Oblate Regulars (consecrated celibate brothers and sisters hermits), Missioners (volunteer workers in ur various apostolates), and Associates. See our Vocation Office for more information on membership categories.

Our Primary Spirituality
Love for the Church and for the Pope are essential characteristics of the spirituality of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael.
Our members cultivate an affective and effective love for the Church, a love that is translated into fidelity to the authentic magisterium, filial loyalty to the pope and the shepherds of the Church, a sincere effort to collaborate in our shared mission of evangelization, and to imbue our culture with spirit of Christ.
Basic Purposes
In honor of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother, the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael was formed to:

promote a more perfect life;
promote loyalty and obedience to the Catholic Church;
engage in evangelization and apologetics;
exercise the works of piety and charity and other apostolic works; and
accept the call of the Vatican II Fathers to animate the temporal order with the Christian spirit.

Mission Goals
The mission goals of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael is threefold:

to create a community where people may profoundly consecrate themselves to our Lord Jesus Christ, according to their state-in-life, and to provide such services and pastoral care as is needed to help those members grow in holiness and in the Victory of Christ;

to apply the grace and holiness God gives to us by our consecration to help our family, friends, and others to find God, the authentic and historic Catholic Church, and the Victory of Christ in their lives; and

to help others in their spiritual path through intercessory prayer, apologetics, education, workshops, retreats, publications, and Internet Missions.

Our Primary Apostolate
Intercessory Prayer is the primary apostolate of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael. To faciliate this apostolate we solict prayer intentions from the public in a number of ways — through Internet Online Prayerbooks, our Internet Online Votive Candle Chapel, through chatrooms, email, regular mail, phone calls, and word of mouth.
The intentions given to us for prayer are collected and distributed to our Prayer Teams and included in Prayer Books that are placed on our Prayer Altar at St. Michael House. These intentions are remembered during our daily singing of the Divine Office in which, as the prayer of the Church, the intentions are offered up to God with the entire Church in prayer.
Special Missions to the Internet
God has called us to the Internet Community as missionaries and ministers. Through this apostolate the outreach of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael can be extended throughout the world.
Of particular importance is the possibility of assisting people in spiritual matters in areas where orthodox resources from people who are loyal to the Magisterium may not otherwise be available. We cannot leave our faithful brethren stranded.
Also exciting is the opportunity to encourage and to provide moral and prayer support to those orthodox and loyal Faithful of the Catholic Church when support and encouragement in their local areas seems to be nonexistent.
While our primary apostolate is Intercessory Prayer, the Internet Missions is truly an opportunity for us to preach the Gospel throughout the world and to develop a very real worldwide fellowship of believers.
The Internet connection also gives us the opportunity to offer pastoral, counseling, apologetic, and other services to people worldwide.

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