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by Catherine Frakas 02 Jan 2007

The Church

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Prayer For The Church
Gracious Father, we pray to Youfor Your holy Catholic Church.Fill it with Your truth.Keep it in Your peace.Where it is corrupt, reform it.Where it is in error, correct it.Where it is right, defend it.Where it in want, provide for it.Where it is divided, reunite it;For the sake of Your Son,Our Savior, Jesus Christ.
William Laud (1645)

Apostolate for Family ConsecrationThis site exists to nourish families through the Catholic faith in the Eucharist and the Marian spirit of Pope John Paul II
Aquinas CafeSite maintained by Patrick and John, they offer the Back Office editorial page, articles on various topics such as family life, marriage, divorce, and information on saints.
At The Water's EdgeBringing Jesus' love and healing to your diocese or parish: As a retreat, a parish mission, a day of recollection and prayer. Our mission is to bring Christ's Healing Love, in a time of darkness and suffering, with a unique prayer experience of meeting the Jesus that has been written and talked about through the centuries.
CANAAdvice for engaged couples, marriage preparation and encouragement for married couples. Together as One, a Catholic discussion book for engaged couple.
The Call of the ShepherdA Catholic site dedicated to proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Savior and helping those who do not know Him find a personal relationship with Him
Catholics Around the Hemisphere WebringLinks to 117 Catholic sites
The Catholic Book RackThe book rack has over a hundred books that can be ordered
Catholic Charismatic CenterServing members of the charismatic renewal of the Roman Catholic Church. There are articles on the Holy Spirit, renewal, calendar of events, downloadable files, and Christian clip art
Catholic Domain NamesList of Catholic domain names and addresses
Catholic Information on the InternetLinks to many Catholic sites (you can spend hours here}
Catholic Internet DirectoryThe 1997 Catholic Internet Directory is one of the first and most comprehensive guides to Catholic information and links on the Internet.
The Catholic KioskAn information site for Catholics on the web with links to general resources, Cincinnati Catholic web, Our Lady, Pope John Paul II, Saints, Bishops, and Diocese
Catholic LeagueThe Catholic League is the nation's largest Catholic civil rights organization defending the right of Catholics to participate in American public life without defamation or discrimination. Included here are news and reports of anti-Catholic events, television shows, and organizations.
Catholic Liturgical LibraryThis site provides documents, articles, and an online forum on the subject of the Roman rite liturgy..
The Catholic PagesThis is Paul McLachlin's site that offers a Catholic startup page for your browser, a link to the Divine Office, quotes, Mass readings of the day, Catholic news, newsletter, bookstore, and articles on saints, magisterium, Vatican, Blessed Virgin Mary, Mass, and moral issues
Catholic SpiritualityThis site provides inspiration, meditations and reflections, faith building, Catholic living, prayer book, retreat house, music, and much more
Catholic Start Pageincludes a Catholic search engine, Catholic publishing, links, and other resources.
Catholic TraditionHuge site with information on saints, Catholic doctrine, many links
Catholic WebatoriumAccess to many Catholic web sites and beautiful artwork
ChristLifeChristLife has an international Catholic mission of evangelization, renewal and Christian unity, based in Baltimore and endorsed by Cardinal Keeler.
Christus RexMany links and lots of beautiful artwork

Coming Home NetworkThe purpose of this group is to provide fellowship, encouragement, and support for protestants who are moving along a journey leading to the Catholic Church
Congregation for the ClergyThe Office for the Clergy collects, suggests and promotes initiatives with regard to the sanctity and the intellectual and pastoral updating of the Clergy (Diocesan Priests and Deacons), as well as their ongoing formation; it oversees Cathedral Chapters, Pastoral Councils, Presbyteral Councils, Parishes, Parish Priests and all clerics with regard to whatever pertains to their pastoral ministry etc.; the matters of Mass offerings, Pious Foundations, Legacies, Oratories, Churches, Shrines, ecclesiastical archives and libraries; it also seeks to promote a more adequate distribution of the Clergy all over the world.
EWTNMother Angelica's home site with an extensive library, art gallery, and on-line audio tapes
Fr. B's Catholic CornerFr. Ray has organized his site to be very user friendly and has separate categories for the Sacraments, virtues, prayers, prayer requests, Jubilee 2000, Living faith (with daily Catholic devotions), Questions & Answers, and links.
The Great ConvertsBiographies of famous and lesser known people who have joined the Catholic Church as they sought the meaning of life
Good Catholic InformationWe specialize in using all available media to define the scriptural, historical and theological truth of Roman Catholicism. We also specifically help those challenged by anti-Catholic cults, sects, denominations, or religions. We are distributors for Catholic publishers, small and large, to Catholic retail stores. Keywords: Jehovah's Witnesses, apologetics, books
Heart of Mary MinistriesInteresting articles by Sr. Lucy including One Soul is a Treasure to God, Freedom or Licence?, among others
Mass TimesWelcome to Mass Times, God Bless. We maintain a database of the Mass Times for all the Catholic churches in the United States. You can access this database from this web site or by phone. This service is provided free of charge by 1-800-Mass Times Trust.
Mission Net's Catholic Resource MallThis is an extensive links page for Catholic, Orthodox, and Christian sites. Submit your webpage online free-of-charge.
The Monks of AdorationHome site for Bro John Raymond (author of Catholics on the Internet) and includes many audio features and an overwhelming amount of Catholic links
New AdventLinks to writings of the Church
RC WorldWe feature updated links to news stories of interest to Catholics and a discussion group.
RC NetRCNet is an family-run, volunteer service dedicated to hosting Catholic diocesan, parish, and school home pages free-of-charge. We do not build or design webpages. Keywords: site, webpage, network
Real Presence AssociationA site about the Holy Eucharist including adoration, miracles, and documents of Vatican II
Sphaira-A Symbol of UnityA Catholic site promoting unity through spreading Christ's message through rational discourse. Discusses the need for unity, fundamentalism and its motivation, and the problems of authority. Links to other sites.
Shroud of TurinProviding current research, accurate data from previous researching, and options for interacting with the researchers. Keywords: artifact, Nazareth
Single Catholics OnlineA computerized networking service for adult single Catholics serious about their faith and seek to marry a like-minded person. Singles interact anonymously by email over the Internet. We are dedicated to helping build up family life in the Church as a response to the Holy Father's call for solid Catholic families.
The VaticanHome site of the Holy See

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