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by Catherine Frakas 02 Jan 2007


Table of Contents
The VillageThe ChurchDiocese & ParishesHomilies & ScriptureMarianMiracles & ApparitionsNews & MediaOrders & AssociationsPrayer & SpiritualityPro-LifeResourcesSaints & Saintly People

The Son, radiant Image of the Father's glory, proclaimed that He had come to cast a fire upon the earth and that He longed for it to burst into blaze. It was in the form of fiery tongues that the Holy Spirit of Pentecost descended upon a timorous group of men and women. Their minds and hearts having been enkindled with a burning love and ardent zeal, those who received the Spirit sparked the astonishing transformation of an unbelieving and corrupt civilization into a community of faith and love.
-- excerpt from The Fire Within by Thomas Dubay, S.M.

Answers About GodStory of a re-convert and his faith that has led him to become a staunch defender of his faith as a Roman Catholic apologetic.
Apologetics FTP SiteSite has many documents available for personal use only; some of the documents are: answers, apostolic succession, Mormonism, divorce, dogma, indulgences, Jehovah Witnesses, Purgatory, and the Rosary plus others. It also has transcripts of taped debates, for example: On Authority between Scott Hahn and Dr. Robert Knudson; Sola Scriptura between Dave Brown, James White, and Patrick Madrid; Justification between Scott Hahn and Dr. Robert Knudson.
Apologetics: Reference materials–articles and lettersSite includes Abortion, Apologetics, Authority, Eucharist, Evangelism, Liturgy, Priesthood, Protestantism, and Sex Education.
The Augustine Club at Columbia UniversityThis site offers an Apologetics Tool kit..many articles available on The Way, The Truth and The Life.
Beggar KingA page exploring the truth of the Catholic faith. Has links to articles about the Mass, the first Christians, fundamentalism and modern-day martyrs.
Biblical Evidence of CatholicismDave Armstrong's site has Catholic theology - Papacy, Saints, Purgatory, salvation, sacramentalism, Mary, penance & indulgences, Sacred Scripture and tradition, Eucharist and the Mass, Holy Trinity, creation, Church, and Miscellaneous. This site has lots and lots of information available in a very large library.
Catholic AnswersHere is where you can find answers to your questions on apologetics and evangelization. Areas include: God, creation, gospel, sin, salvation, last things, scripture, church, saints, sacraments, morals, and groups. Listen to Catholic Answers radio program live or get back programs from site.
Catholic ApologeticsIncludes a software package (shareware) that is downloadable and has in it information on the Bible, Salvation, Papacy, Eucharist, Purgatory, Prayers and Saints, References and Resources.
Catholic Apologetics on the InternetIncludes the basis of apologetics–the Bible, the Commandments, Catholicism, Protestants, and cults.
Catholic Apologetics NetworkAmong many other links and items, the network offers a forum for asking questions on Catholicism and getting responses via email. There are four individuals involved with this service: Dave who responds to questions on The Church, the Papacy, the Fathers, Purgatory, and Typology; Greg who writes on Moral Theology, Canon Law, Indulgences, Existence of God, and the Priesthood; Don on Sola Scriptura, History of the Bible, Sacraments, and Cults; and Tim who gives information on Justification, Sola Fide, the Eucharist, the Trinity, and on Mary.
Catholic Biblical ApologeticsWhat does the Roman Catholic Church teach and why? A set of lecture notes used since 1985 to teach the basis for key doctrines and dogmas for the Roman Catholic Church.

Catholic Insight - Humbly Defending the Catholic FaithHas many apologetic articles on atheism/agnosticism, feminism, fundamentalism, Jehovah Witnesses, Mariology, Mormonism, non-messianic Judaism, Seventh-Day Adventism. It also has a large Catholic library.
Catholic Issues & FactsAddresses topics which trouble Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Answers questions from a Catholic standpoint on papal infallibility, abortion, natural family planning, Protestants, and sola scriptura, Pius XII and the Jewish holocaust.
Catholic Pizza and Theological SocietyTheological discussion forum, newsletter, theology corner, and CPAT members theological reflections pages.
Corrunum Apologetic Web Site - The Teachings of the Church FathersWeb page dedicated to the defense of the Catholic faith. This site's goal is to present the outline of Catholic doctrines as they appear in the writings of the Church Fathers and to present one new doctrinal topic every week. Includes rule of faith, Papacy, Trinity, Church and salvation.
Defenders of the Catholic FaithWith Steve Ray author of Crossing The Tiber. Has bible study, information about his book, and many articles he has written in defence of the Catholic faith.
Defending the BrideWebsite dedicated to explaining and defending the truths that God has revealed through the Church that He founded, the Catholic Church, the Bride of Christ. There are articles on the Bible, the Mass, Baptism, and others.
Envoy MagazineBimonthly journal of Catholic Apologetics and Evangelization edited by Patrick Madrid, editor of the best-selling book, Surprised By The Truth.
Fr. Frank Peffley's Apologetics PageFr. Frank offers apologetic resources, articles, and links.
Frank's Pillar of Truth Catholic Apologetics PageDefending Catholicism against all opposition. It has the apologetics of Dr. Art Sippo, Frank's debate arena (an on-line discussion of the faith) and numerous links.
Fr. Alfredo M. Morsetti's Italian Home PageHas many articles in Italian and English regarding martyrs, Catholic spirituality, and the Liturgy. A very beautiful site.
The Nazareth Resource LibraryIt's mission is to bring quality Christian Literature to the Web including apologetics, the Bible, and Theology.
Newman Catholic Apologetics ResourcesThe site includes resources such as: Ask Father, Biblical Catholicism, Theology/Philosophy, the Scott Hahn lectures, and other links.
No Jesus, No Hope; Know Jesus, Know HopeLots of apologetic links; also has articles on the true Church, confession, purgatory, Mary, the Pope and Papacy, the Bible, and the Eucharist.

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