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Terry Halloran

by Catherine Frakas 02 Jan 2007

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August 2009 (17)

Posted on 08-15-2009
Terry Halloran (Laicized Priest for Hire)
Filed Under (Terry Halloran)

This review was solicited around 1998 or 1999 from Mr. Halloran after he told other people in an AOL Chatroom that the Legion of St. Michael could not be trusted to give accurate information about the Catholic Church:

I visited your web site again last night. It’s terribly deficient and lukewarm. It gives viewers a distorted view of our Catholic faith.
Your preaching doesn’t apply the Gospel to practical questions outside the home or neighborhood. Albert Camus, a French dramatist and journalist, complained in 1948 that he survived World War II without ever knowing the pope had condemned Nazism. Most American Catholics got through the 1960s without listening to anything from the official statements of their bishops about segregation or the Vietnam war. Our Holy Father and the Catholic bishops of the U.S. have written and spoken extensively about the death penalty, immigration policy, anti-Semitism, human rights, world hunger, environment pollution, gun control and U.S. military actions in other countries. Your web site is silent on all of these topics.
Shame on you,Terry Halloran

Mr Halloran is routinely disingenuous about his priestly status pointing out that he is laicized only when confronted. While it is true that he was validly ordained priest in 1960 in Los Angeles, and is therefore a priest forever, a priest may not be CLERGY forever. Mr. Halloran was laicized — which means that he was returned to the Lay state. He is no longer clergy, and thus cannot perform the priestly faculties except if someone is in danger of death. He may not be called Father.
Mr. Halloran not only disagrees with Church teaching, but misrepresent Church teaching and thereby advises unsuspecting people who think they are getting the scoop on Church teaching. One small example found on his website of misrepresenting the Church Teaching:

“Terry tells couples preparing for marriage that where and how they’re wed isn’t important. What really matters is their love for each other in the months and years ahead. He says the Catholic church believes and teaches this, but sometimes has rules that say nearly the opposite.”

Mr. Halloran even once said to Bro. Ignatius personally, that we, mere humans, “may judge God.”
Mr. Halloran runs a website in California where he advertises his wedding services as a rent-a-priest. Not only does he illegally call himself “Father” but even his domain name includes the title “father”. His website is located at UPDATE: This was written many years ago. In checking on Halloran’s website, it is no longer there in active form. It appears he has retired (thank God). See
In the Wedding services portion he states:

Father Terrence Halloran is a married Catholic priest. He was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Los Angeles in 1960. Married since 1967, he lives in Garden Grove, California.

Note he says, “married Catholic priest”, which will confuse the public thinking he is a priest in good standing.
As evidenced by pictures on Mr. Halloran website, he also wears full priestly vestments during the weddings he performs which is also a scandal since he has no authority or faculty to perform as a priest.
We do give him credit that at least he does inform Catholic couples wanting to get married that their marriage will not be valid in the Church if he officiates, but his flippant disrespect and disregard for the Sacrament of Marriage, as evidenced by his willingness to marry anyone even if the Church says the couple are not eligible for valid marriage, is a scandal, in our view.
Mr Halloran is a member of CORPUS which is a group not only improperly critical of the celibate priesthood, but promotes the heterodox view of women priest which means that this group is not in communion with Rome.
Mr. Halloran states: “As a married Catholic priest, I still do weddings and baptisms occasionally, for friends who don’t mind that the official church says I can’t or shouldn’t.”
Here is what the Diocese says about him (this letter was published on his website:

November 29, 2000
Mr. Terrence W. Halloran
Dear Mr. Halloran,
I am writing in regard to your letter asking the pastor of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church, Montebello, to record a baptism that you celebrated in a home in the parish. I note in your letter: “I still do weddings and baptisms occasionally, for friends who don’t mind that the institutional church says I can’t or shouldn’t.”
I must point out that the celebration of the baptism described in your letter is in direct violation of the rescript granted January 4, 1969, dispensing you from the obligations of the priesthood. One of the reasons for the granting of the rescript was your agreement not to participate in priestly ministry.
Though valid, the baptism in question was clearly illicit. The relation of the family to the Church has been strained. Further, marriages you may have witnessed since your dispensation are not valid. Couples may have been led to believe they are married in accord with Church tradition when they are not.
Though you may feel that this is simply a problem for the “institutional church,” I ask that you understand that it is also misleading to the faithful.
With all respect, I request and direct that you cease any and all priestly ministry. You chose to leave the ministry and pursue another way of life. The institutional church respected that decision with the granting of your rescript. I personally respect your decision. I ask you to please respect the priesthood by ceasing such activity.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Reverend Monsignor Richard A. LoomisVicar for Clergy

Note that the date of his laicization is January 4, 1969 two years after he was married in 1967. Yet, Mr. Halloran on October 27, 1999 made this statement in an AOL Chatroom: “Lucy is right, priests not keeping their obligation are a scandal and should not be in ministry”.
It should be remembered that a priest who is returned to the lay state is still under the obligation of celibacy unless the Pope has given a specific dispensation to allow the laicized priest to marry. We do not know that he certainly did not have any disposition during the two years he was married before being laicized.
Canon Law 1394.1 states:

“Without prejudice to the prescript of canon 194.1, n. 3, a cleric who attempts marriage, even it only civilly, incurs a latae sententiae suspension. If he does not repent after being warned and continues to give scandal, he can be punished gradually by privations or even dismissal from the clerical state.”

Mr. Halloran also associates himself with, or supports the principles of, such herticial and dissennant groups as “Call to Action” and the “Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church” and various groups and ideas involving the portions of Liberation Theology that has been condemned by the Church.

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