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The Detractor Malefactor Chronicle - Jules the Agnostic

by Catherine Frakas 10 Jan 2009

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August 2009 (17) Posted on 08-15-2009 Jules the Agnostic Filed Under (Jules the Agnostic) …. from the annals of the Faith & Spirituality Q&A:
Answer if your can: The God depicted in Exodus was I am that I am; this was an epithet of Amon Re, the Egyptian sun God. One of the representations of this God was as a burning bush that did not burn up. Also as the bible incorrectly states, you don’t die by looking at his face, you go blind. Yes, as the Bible states, you can watch him as he passes by. (You can look at the sun as it sets in the evening without going blind). The people who worshipped the God represented by the Tetragammaton were the Shasu. This God was known as Yawwu in the ancient world, yet in a document found at Ugarit from about 1200 BC he was renamed Yammu by the chief God El. Yammu was a God of the underworld. The God depicted in Daniel was Marduk. The struggle in Daniel is between the followers of Marduk as opposed to the Old moon God Nabonidus was attempting to reinstall. The Daniel tale is not about Nebuchadnezzar as is proven by several things such as the son’s name, Balthazar. Nabonidus had such a son as verified by booth Greek and Babylonian records, Nebuchadnezzar did not. Nabonidus did go mad and relinquished the empire to his son Balthazar who lost Babylon without a struggle. The Christian God is neither one of these three Gods. The Christian God was from the Roman Emperor Constantine which is the reason no gospels are available from prior to Constantine. The fact that no complete Gospel survives from prior to Emperor Constantine’s has to do with the fact that all material which did not fully confirm with the Christian beliefs were ordered destroyed in 385 AD. Had the Gospels existed prior to this time they would have been preserved. Everything which has been discovered prior to Constantine is only in short fragmentary form and nothing in them refutes the likelihood it was Gnostics that existed prior to Constantine and not the people resembling today’s Christians. In discussion of the shameful acts of the Christians one would not omit the slaughter of millions of Cathars (Albigensians) which ensued after the edict of Pope Innocent III which was of the most gruesome crimes perpetrated by the Church. There are no written records of anything which Jesus allegedly said until several hundred years after he lived so how can anyone state with certainty what he said? There is no good Church because Christians all rely on deceptive arguments. Why would anyone believe that the things which can’t be verified within the Christian Church could possibly be correct when everything that can be examined is proven to be lies and deceptions?
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