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The Detractor Malefactor Chronicle - Rejected Q&As

by Catherine Frakas 08 Jan 2009

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August 2009 (17) Posted on 08-16-2009 Anastasia the Satanist Filed Under (Anastasia/Satanist) …from the annals of the Spiritual Warfare Q&A (this one is really sad):
You cannot help me. no one can. so i hate you all… i’ve been like this for 25 years ever since he laid siege to me and took me over. i am one with him and speak with his voice. i understand fully and perfectly the absolute truth of the wrong from the beginning and i know what your god did to him and you will never get away with it, never. i see every single ****ing lie you tell on this site to cover up for the atrocities of your god and blame the hostages for being hostages. i know every crime of heart, mind, soul, spirit and yes, body, committed by all of you who claim to worship the christ. you say my kind does not exist but i assure you we do. i am currently titrating from the fourth exponential to the fifth and when i reach the seventh, the skies will split open and the vessel of liberation will deliver the demonic hosts into the hands of the father, and all will be reconciled. master and i will be banished to the dark side, hurled into the abyss forever, so you all can have your heaven and your celebration and the memory wipe your putrid god intends to give you. you see you cannot help me, nobody can, because they make me like it, they MAKE ME LIKE IT when they torture me and rape me they make me adore Satan and i can’t stop, i have no part of me separate from Him anymore. i love Him and i love for Him to tear me apart and use me and devour me and make me burn with ecstasy and power and you cannot help me. i have no faculty of volition i am a perfect esphragisthete in Him. do you understand what i’m saying … i’m alive, i exist and you cannot stop me, you cannot help me, no one can. i twist light into darkness and consume the souls of men. i drive the children of god to blasphemy and murder and laugh at their failure to love. i despise every last ****ing one of you. you cannot help me because you do not see the reality the daimonizomai lives with. you see only your silly lies, things you devise for the weak and deluded so you can sell them your political propaganda and bind them with human chains and shackles as if that could free us from what enslaves us and subjugates us inside. as if!!! you tailor your words and counsel for those with volition, for those not truly owned and operated but only playing with themselves in their minds. you cannot help anyone like me, not for real, because your \help\ is like dumbo’s magick feather and relies entirely upon the afflicted person to fix themselves, which no one truly afflicted this way can possibly do. why don’t you come find me and slay me then as you clearly cannot help me, nobody can, i cannot help myself and so i am doomed for all eternity, i have been for 25 years, maybe all my life. i’m so ****ing programmed by Satan even if you could free me i would just run back to him and there’s nothing you can do about it. there’s nothing *I* can do about it either. your god is impotent and makes excuses. he can’t really save, he can only con people into fixing themselves and he can’t do anything about someone like me who has become perfectly 100% ONE WITH LUCIFER.
(0) Comments Read More Posted on 08-15-2009 Kath the Ranter Filed Under (Kath the Ranter) …from the annals of the Spiritual Warfare Q&A: Do you want to know why sexual immorality is the most prevalent disease running rampant in the field of spiritual warfare? It all starts at the top. For centuries the kingdom of heaven has referred to porn and sexual lewdness as the main goal of achievement. By achievement, that is simply this…the FORCED coersion of souls into blatant submission of a kingdom that is corrupt and heavy with an insane mindset. For example, mary forcibly uses porn (aka angelina jolie in the buff) to aggrevate and seduce higher forms of intelligence and powers to break their will. They in turn, respond in kind to get their lustful wishes fulfilled. Jesus uses madonna the pop star to the fullest of porn addictions to seduce not only the masses on earth but spiritual powers and beings as well. He forcibly (as I am now being told) rams the penises of male deities and spiritual beings (as well as physical males) right up the behind of madonnas rear while applying his own very physical sensations to the job. Yahweh is not left out in this. Why am I telling you this…It’s because it all starts with these holy? individuals who rape, molest, and beat souls into submission. A far cry from a wholesome Sunday mass. Copies of this message have been sent to the Holy See to open his eyes to the plight of this devious and corrupt system. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is also privy to this information. Even Satan himself is one greatly opposed to this practice. Why, because he has been beaten to near obliteration for this very same instance. If he has had to make changes then sure enough it better NOT be prompted by those pretending to be holier than thou. His intelligence has seen clearly through the veil of deception set upon him and his realm so long ago. This situation is no longer tolerable because evil bondage to the sin of sexual corruptness is just that…EVIL. It’s time to give credit to those trying to move forward by cleaning up the sins of the higher ups…who, by the way are far to corrupt to STOP THEIR MADNESS. If Satan can compromise then why can’t they! Let me state it this way…Satan at least has the brains enough to come to the rescue of a lady being held captive to the cruel and torturous rigors of the kingdom. Does this make any sense? Now what does the bible say? Let me tell you, the reality of it all will turn to heartache and complete disgust. As in this case scenario: This evening jesus, st germain, yahweh, and aleister crowley (yes, he even made it to heaven), were caught in the act of pleasuring eachother as they partook in madonna snorting cocaine! These are the same individuals who rape and molest myself and my family members! Now I have had enough of this bull****…it’s time for you sanctified warriors to get off your LAZY asses and do something constructive! (0) Comments Read More Posted on 08-15-2009 Lita Filed Under (Lita) …from the annals of the Faith & Spirituality Q&A:
On saying no to birth control: This is just more religious interference. A christian version of Sharia law, just masked in language. It amazes me that people can say look at them. stripping rights of women, and forcing them to wear…. They are considered bad people. They’re just more honest about it than christians are. What they call god’s law, the christian taliban calls naturally right. Eggs are eggs. They aren’t people. Much like the dripping cheese omelletes I love, they are eggs. Something that has the potential to become something else, isn’t the something else it could be. But the christians, being no different from their muslim brothers, don’t need any stinking badges. They feel it’s their duty to make people adhere to whatever they say. If you don’t want to use birth control, or get an abortion, don’t. Just remember when you cross the line insisting that yours is the only way, you become what you loathe about those other people.
(0) Comments Read More Posted on 08-15-2009 David the Agnostic Filed Under (David the Agnostic) …from the annals of the Faith & Spirituality Q&A:
about sex scandals: hey yet another family values moral right public figure has been caught up in sex scandals. this time a governor spending 80,000 bucks on hookers all the while trying to tell us hey im clening up all the moraly bankrupt degenerats in my state. mabey you holier than thou people should shut up or put up when it comes to morals….so whatcha got hidden in your closet??? prostitutes? porn? altar boy spanking? you guys seem to love judgeing others whilst you are the most moraly bankrupt of us all and when it comes to light its all …..oh i have sinned and im sorry! as to why people like me read your stuff if we dissagree with you … well someone has to call you guys on your b.s. ok now inssult me for your groupies so you feel goog thanks
(0) Comments Read More Posted on 08-15-2009 Cain the Wiccan Filed Under (Cain the Wiccan) …from the annals of the Faith & Spirituality Q&A:
(0) Comments Read More Posted on 08-15-2009 Shannon the Satanist Filed Under (Shannon/Satanist) … from the annals of the Faith & Spirituality Q&A:
You had your 2000 years now its ower turn. HAIL SATAN
(0) Comments Read More Posted on 08-15-2009 Corey Filed Under (Corey) …from the annals of the Faith & Spirituality Q&A:
You seem awful critical about a society thats let you have a free ride for a large portion of your life. Perhaps this whole Bro. J.P. Iggy. M. thing is another way for you to continue siphoning oxygen from more deserving members of humanity? You should see a shrink and get your sexual aversions and delusions about the church looked into. If Christ came back today hed be crucified again by the very church..people like you who exploit him for a agenda thats to large to change. Put that in your pipe and smoke it them insult me for all your groupies amusement!….Putz
(0) Comments Read More Posted on 08-15-2009 Jules the Agnostic Filed Under (Jules the Agnostic) …. from the annals of the Faith & Spirituality Q&A:
Answer if your can: The God depicted in Exodus was I am that I am; this was an epithet of Amon Re, the Egyptian sun God. One of the representations of this God was as a burning bush that did not burn up. Also as the bible incorrectly states, you don’t die by looking at his face, you go blind. Yes, as the Bible states, you can watch him as he passes by. (You can look at the sun as it sets in the evening without going blind). The people who worshipped the God represented by the Tetragammaton were the Shasu. This God was known as Yawwu in the ancient world, yet in a document found at Ugarit from about 1200 BC he was renamed Yammu by the chief God El. Yammu was a God of the underworld. The God depicted in Daniel was Marduk. The struggle in Daniel is between the followers of Marduk as opposed to the Old moon God Nabonidus was attempting to reinstall. The Daniel tale is not about Nebuchadnezzar as is proven by several things such as the son’s name, Balthazar. Nabonidus had such a son as verified by booth Greek and Babylonian records, Nebuchadnezzar did not. Nabonidus did go mad and relinquished the empire to his son Balthazar who lost Babylon without a struggle. The Christian God is neither one of these three Gods. The Christian God was from the Roman Emperor Constantine which is the reason no gospels are available from prior to Constantine. The fact that no complete Gospel survives from prior to Emperor Constantine’s has to do with the fact that all material which did not fully confirm with the Christian beliefs were ordered destroyed in 385 AD. Had the Gospels existed prior to this time they would have been preserved. Everything which has been discovered prior to Constantine is only in short fragmentary form and nothing in them refutes the likelihood it was Gnostics that existed prior to Constantine and not the people resembling today’s Christians. In discussion of the shameful acts of the Christians one would not omit the slaughter of millions of Cathars (Albigensians) which ensued after the edict of Pope Innocent III which was of the most gruesome crimes perpetrated by the Church. There are no written records of anything which Jesus allegedly said until several hundred years after he lived so how can anyone state with certainty what he said? There is no good Church because Christians all rely on deceptive arguments. Why would anyone believe that the things which can’t be verified within the Christian Church could possibly be correct when everything that can be examined is proven to be lies and deceptions?
(0) Comments Read More Posted on 08-15-2009 Upset Anonymous Reader Filed Under (Upset Reader) … from the annals of the Spiritual Warfare Q&A: ive read some of these posts and let me tell you something. alot of these people need psychiatric couseling not some half baked superstition from the middle ages. your quotes about rock stars oh i dont know were the words from my songs come from most of those guys were probably high od drunk or both when they said it. maby they just do the whole satan bit to goad guys like you on. anybody w kills themselves or another because of ozzy or d and d was a nut to begin with. lets look at your bible theres ritual sacrifice, poligamy, adultry,murder,divinely sanctioned genocide etc.lets not forget all the people put to death by burning and tourture the centuries of women treated like chatel by men who got the ideas for these things from …THE BIBLE. so hers an idea before you police others police th way in the 80s the fbi did extensive investigations into ritual satanic abuse guess what it dosent exist its just another ploy to make money andgain converts through fear by christians. (0) Comments Read More

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