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Joining the Support Discussion Group Our Bulletin Board is Private, Confidential, and anonymous. Our Discussion Board is secured for your anonymity and protection. The Board is protected by two methods: 1. A password is required to access any member-only areas of the board2. The Board is on a securer server to prevent hackers from capturing your messages NOTE: There is a design flaw in the Firefox browser, and perhaps a few other browsers, whereby the browser does not recognize our Security Certificate. Be assured our Certificate is valid and guaranteed by: Proceed to the CSGSAR Registration page If you click on the above link and you see the following or something similar, follow the instructions below: If you see this, or something similar: Then Click on the I understand the risks: Then click on ADD EXCEPTION button. Then be sure that the option, Permanently store this exception, is checked. Next, press the button, Confirm Security Exception Search Search for:

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