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Installation Mass of Pope Francis

March 19, 2013
TUESDAY OF THE FIFTH WEEK OF LENT +Solemnity of St. Joseph (29), Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary My Beloved: The Pope was formally installed this morning. His pontificate now formally begins, though Pope Francis was pope with all the powers thereof from the very moment he accepted election. This installation is just a formal […]

On the Streets: Do you know Pope Francis?

March 17, 2013
SUNDAY OF THE FIFTH WEEK OF LENT +Feast of St. Patrick (493), Bishop, Apostle & Patron of Ireland My Beloved: Fr. Jack Collins, CSP, hits the streets of New York City to find out what people know of the new pontiff: The Pope’s Schedule for next view months: Your miserable servant, Brother Bubba

Pope Francis receives keys to Papal Apartments

March 16, 2013
SATURDAY OF THE FOURTH WEEK OF LENT +Feast of St. Heribert (Herbert) (1021), Bishop My Beloved: As we await the inauguration of Pope Francis I this coming Tuesday, here is a video the Pope receiving the silver colored key to unlock the doors of the Papal office Thursday evening. Cardinal Tarciso Bertone cut out the red ribbon […]

Habemus Papem ~ We have a Pope

March 15, 2013
FRIDAY OF THE FOURTH WEEK OF LENT +Feast of St. Louise de Marillac (1660), Founder Sisters of Charity & the Servants of the Sick Poor My Beloved: Yes, I know, this is old news. One would have to be buried under snow in Antarctica to not know that we have a new Pope. I wanted to […]

Papal Audience to Journalist

March 14, 2013
THURSDAY OF THE FOURTH WEEK OF LENT +Feast of St. Sava (1235), Bishop, Patron of the Serbian People My Beloved: Today the Pope gave audience to more than 5000 journalists at the Paul VI Hall. He explained why he chose the name of Francis and explained the the focus of his pontificate will be on the […]

The Conclave – Why Rome ~ Why a Pope?

March 13, 2013
THURSDAY OF THE TWENTY-FIFTH WEEK OF ORDINARY TIME +Feast of St. Vincent de Paul (1660), Priest, Founder, Patron of Charitable Societies+Feast of Sts. Paul Chong Hasang & Companions (1839-1867), Martyrs My Beloved: Bustedhalo videos has a good tutorial on why the conclave is in Rome, and why we have a Pope in the first place: […]

The Conclave Begins

March 12, 2013
TUESDAY OF THE FOURTH WEEK OF LENT +Feast of St. Theophanes the Chronicler (8th Century) My Beloved: As I write this the Cardinal-Electors are already locked into the Sistine Chapel and are about to have their first vote. Update 2pm Central Daylight Time: Black smoke billows over Sistine Chapel. First ballot does not elect a […]

Conclave to begin March 12th, Preparations Continue

March 9, 2013
SATURDAY OF THE THIRD WEEK OF LENT +Feast of St. Francis of Rome (1440), Religious, Patron of Motorist, Widows+Feast of St. Dominic Savio (1857), Patron of Choirboys & the Falsely Accused My Beloved: We have a date for the beginning of the Conclave to elect a new Pope: Preparations Continue: Your […]

Time to be a Man and not a Sissy

March 9, 2013
SATURDAY OF THE THIRD WEEK OF LENT +Feast of St. Francis of Rome (1440), Religious, Patron of Motorist, Widows+Feast of St. Dominic Savio (1857), Patron of Choirboys & the Falsely Accused My Beloved: A relative of mine, Father John Colet, spoke out against the corruption of the clergy of his day in the early 16th […]

Preparations begin for the Conclave

March 5, 2013
TUESDAY OF THE THIRD WEEK OF LENT+Feast of St. John Joseph of the Cross (1734), Priest My Beloved: Following are video reports from the agency Rome Reports on the beginnings of the preparations for the Conclave. Cardinals take vow of secrecy, during their first general congregation meeting (March 4) Vatican closes the Sistine Chapel […]

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