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    Brother Bubba's Journal Reflections from the Cloiste Are you Blaspheming God and do not know it? March 1, 2011 MONDAY OF THE EIGHTH WEEK OF ORDINARY TIME+Feast of St. Albinus (549), Bishop Blasphemy, according to the Catholic Dictionary, is: Speaking against God in a contemptuous, scornful, or abusive manner. Included under blasphemy are offenses committed by thought, word, or action. Serious contemptuous ridicule of the saints, sacred objects, or of persons consecrated to God is also blasphemous because God is indirectly attacked. Blasphemy is a grave violation of charity toward God. Its gravity may be judged...
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    Brother Bubba's Journal Reflections from the Cloister Home About Bro. Bubba Independent study: What Caused Sex Abuse scandal May 21, 2011 SATURDAY OF THE FIFTH WEEK OF EASTER+Feasts of St. Godric of Finchale (1170), Hermit+Feasts of St. Andrew Bobola (1657), Priest, Martyr May 19, 2011. (Romereports.com) The questions that constantly come up in the sex abuse scandal are why? and how? A new independent study by a prestigious criminology institution tried to answer those very questions. The findings show that no single factor provoked the abuse of minors by priests. It wasn’t caused by mandatory celibacy...
  • Stephanie Gray: “Abortion: From Controversy to Civility”

    Abortion is the killing of an innocent human being, a baby. This cannot be objectively denied. Are we to allow, let alone support the killing of innocent babies?
  • Fatima foretold diabolical forces that would enter Church in our time

    The prophecy of Fatima is seen in our times: Running Time: 32 min
  • Cardinal Burke Amoris Laetitia produces confusion

    In an interview with Gloria TV, Cardinal Burke discusses Amoris Laetitia and the confusion it is causing. Running Time: 25 Min
  • Dr. Janet Albrechtsen Destroys Feminism with Facts

    Running Time: 14 minutes
  • The King is Dead: Hugh Hefner

    Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91. Mr. Hefner, more than any single individual, is responsible for the moral decay and depravity of our culture, through his Playboy magazine and especially with his Playboy Philosophy. He was the King of Pornography and the King of the philosophy that brought down an entire civilization. Here is a 1966 interview with Hugh Hefner on Bill Buckley’s Firing Line (48 min): (more…)
  • Real Agenda for Liberal Objection to Citizen Question

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