Explanation and criteria for Decorations and Service Awards for Legionnaires of St. Michael

Knight Bachelor Provost Paladin The Knight Bachelor Provost Paladin, equivalent in the Marine Corp to a Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, is chosen by the Lord Knight of the Cross to serve as his senior enlisted advisor and as the preeminent and highest ranking enlisted Legionnaire with a protocol equivalency of a Lord Knight Paladin (three-star lieutenant general in the Marine Corp). He represents the enlisted grades before the Lord Knight of the Cross and the Flag Officers. As Provost, the Knight Bachelor Provost Paladin, is the chief enlisted jurist in matters of discipline. He has delegated authority from the Lord Knight Paladin to interpret, enforce, and adjudicate breaches of the Code among the enlisted grades. In his capacity as Paladin, the Knight Bachelor Provost Paladin, has the duty to promote among the enlisted grades the Order of Chivalry, enforce the Code of Chivalry, and defend the faith, truth, goodness, and justice against evil and the devil.

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