Explanation and criteria for Decorations and Service Awards for Legionnaires of St. Michael

Knight Bachelor Postulant The Knight Bachelor Postulant, equivalent in the Marine Corp to a Corporal, but in our system is a Corporal Junior Grade, an Apprentice non-commissioned officer, begins Phase 4 of his training. He will begin apprenticeship in his chosen Vocational Specialty (one of the Levels 2-6). The Apprentice Corporal continues his training in the skills needed for leadership and command. Specific duties depend on what specific assignment given to him. The Apprentice Corporal is expected to lead those below him in rank and serve as an example to them. The Apprentice Corporal serves as an assistant to a Knights Bachelor who will be a mentor to him. In a shortage of Knights Bachelor Oblate, or Regular, the Apprentice Corporal may serve as leader of Parish level Apostolates or units.

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