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by Catherine Frakas 19 Jun 2007

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Author Topic Janoska Inquirer Canada 3 Posts
Posted - 02/11/2008 : 4:00:46 PM
Hello everyone... I am a new member to this forum, although I have visited this site a number of times. My grandmother was a very devout Catholic, and attended Mass almost daily for most of her life until she was too old and infirmed to go as frequently as she desired. She prayed the rosary daily without fail, and loved Jesus and His Blessed Mother dearly. We lived on a farm and harvest was a very hectic time. My grandmother would take care of me in her home for a week or so from time to time. I remember waking up late in the night one time (I was about 3/4 yrs. old) and seeing three angels hovering above the bed. It was odd, because there were no lights on, however the room was filled with a soft light that seem to emanate from where they were. I woke my Grandmother (we were sleeping in the same bed). She was absolutely delighted by what she saw and we watched them together until I fell asleep. They looked like they were two or three yrs. old. The next morning, excited as I was about what we had seen in the night, I immediately started talking about the baby angels we had seen. She had absolutely no recall whatsoever of seeing them. To this day, I am absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was awake and it was not a dream rebecca Assistant Moderator USA 253 Posts

Posted - 02/11/2008 : 9:25:23 PM
Hi Janoska, Welcome to the boards. It sounds to me like a dream; I can't think of any other reason why your Grandmother would have forgotten the whole thing, unless it really happened and she had a short-term memory problem. I had a very similar experience around 2 years old, only it was a terrible nightmare that for my entire childhood I thought was real. Basically this horrible black thing came through my window, landed on top of my bed an pinned me down and wouldn't let me go free. It took until I was a teenager to reason that it must have been a nightmare, but it was so real to me then. I am blessed (or maybe burdened) by a tremendous memory - I've discovered I can recall things from before I was a year old. There are no pictures of the house I lived in then, and my mom and I never discussed it until this past year I asked her, what house did we live in when. . . and I described it to my mom in vivid detail, complete with layout and colors. It sounds like you have that kind of memory too, if you recall things from 3-4 years old. Most people lose memory from before 5-6 years. I tend to think that at that young age, our dreams (and in my case nightmares) can become confused with reality when we recall those things later. It took a LONG time to get over my nightmare - I suffered from terrible fear of the dark most of my life afterwards. I'm glad for your sake that your memory was at least a pleasant one!

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