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Author Topic ClareFrancis Squire USA 200 Posts
Posted - 10/01/2008 : 2:52:29 PM
I'm not sure how old this news is but it was one the headlines on the homepage: Christ the Magician

ClareI am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God Who is sending a love letter to the world.~ Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Carol Page USA 91 Posts

Posted - 10/01/2008 : 6:15:32 PM
I guess my first thought after briefly reading this article over is that of course pagan culture and Jesus found each other! That Jesus and his disciples traveled and ministered throughout pagan, Gentile lands can be readily confirmed in Scripture. Why would anyone be shocked that Christ's fame, but perhaps not the full account of his Good News or understanding of Christ's identity as the Messiah, reached people who were practicing divination and magic?News of Jesus' miracles would have reached far and wide, and some pagans would have surely guessed that he was a magician, trying to co-opt some of his magical powers for their own incantations.This inscripted bowl doesn't prove Jesus used pagan magic rituals any more than a U.S. citizen is proven a religious Christian because he spends a coin engraved with In God We Trust. Topic Forum Locked Printer Friendly
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