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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare BBS - Using Private Messages

by Catherine Frakas 28 May 2006

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Author Topic Bro. Ignatius Mary Iustus Ridiculum USA 1774 Posts
Posted - 08/23/2008 : 01:11:35 AM
Our Message Board has a Private Message feature in which members may private message each other. This feature should not be used instead of the public posts. Most issues that we might discuss in a private message can benefit all if discussed publicly.But if you need to speak to someone privately this feature is available to you with certain ground rules. Your use of the Private Message system constitutes agreement with these ground rules.GROUND RULES:The Private Message System is not to be used for...
approaching people for a relationship or dates
sexual propositions
harassment of any kind
expressions of hate or threats or otherwise flaming
vulgar or profane discussions or language
proposing immoral ideas or behaviors
expressions of bigotry against any group or peoples
proposing any idea contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church
proposing violence of any kind
proposing anything in violation of civil law

All applicable Terms and Conditions and Additional Protocols and Guidelines posted for the general BBS apply to the conduct in the Private messages.Blocking Members:The Private Message system allows you to block any other member of the BBS (except Moderators and Administrators). This can be useful if you do not want contacted by someone.But, even with this blocking feature please be sure to report to the Moderators any abuse of the Private Messages.Expressing Concerns and Reporting AbusesIf you have any concerns about anything on the BBS, or need to report abuse, please PM a moderator. You can checkmark the ALERT MODERATORS in the New PM screen, or send a PM to a particular moderator. The screen names for the current moderators are:RebeccaBro. Ignatius MaryMonitoring Private Messages:The Private Messages may be monitored by the Moderators and Administrators of the BBS. Topic Forum Locked Printer Friendly
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