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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare BBS - Question to Kenneth Deel

by Catherine Frakas 15 Feb 2008

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Author Topic Joe Meineke Associate Facilitator USA 49 Posts
Posted - 08/03/2008 : 10:27:15 PM
Originally posted by Kenneth DeelI Wanted to introduce myself.Often I give advice in the least on a more universal viewpoint.This is not a NEW AGE perspective, but explaining things on a more universally understood level. To be more effective in educating them as well. As we can never assume everyone is a Catholic or even a Christian whom really understands their faith or how demons can truly affect their lives. My clients come from many walks of life and belief systems.
Hi Kenneth,Welcome to the BBS.I was hoping you could elaborate on what you are saying in the above quote (taken from your introduction). What do you mean by giving advice from a universal viewpoint and a universally understood level? Perhaps you could give some examples to help me understand your approach.Thank you!

God bless you,Joe MeinekeTo Email, Click here
Kenneth Deel Inquirer USA 27 Posts

Posted - 08/05/2008 : 10:39:56 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome!UNIVERSAL - In Explaining to be more commonly understood, generalizing on some aspects of deliverance not specific to any faith.I found that I am not going to convert all people to Catholic or even Christian belief systems. Sometimes we can't lead a horse completely to the water, and will settle early on for pointing them in the right direction. While dragging them to the water hole will make them run away to another water hole perhaps. So the approach is lightened on the first meeting (depending on the person and their faith/belief system) So in saying, that sometimes simply easing in the 'faith' part, where it isn't so 'hard hit'- is necessary.I Can try to make even pagans understand a portion of the significance of Jesus, in that a few stepping stones closer to the truth might play a part in later life. Especially when they see that often merely just uttering Jesus name can have an affect on these dark spirits they are experiencing.They ask Why later. And I try to explain in a more easily understood way, as I can't assume everyone was brought up or even familiar with Christian-Judeo belief systems.Often in this way I place the seed of thought in their mind, not so much like the evangelical who so often rubs people the wrong way with that In your face ministering.Case example, I had told a woman, (a self-proclaimed Wiccan), this in an e-mail not long ago, who asked why Jesus name worked to recoil a 'shadowy figure' that would visit her bedside almost nightly: (portions)============begin========== Jesus, to Christians is the 'Son of God', 'The redeemer', 'The Savior'. His Hierarchy is more so where Christian rank him high with the father. It is so that people will understand, Jesus was a real person who lived on this earth 2000 years ago. And regardless of your belief as to this 'rank' and 'relation' in the after life, he is a REAL spirit, a powerful 'positive' spirit whom the negative entities both 'fear' and 'hate'.I have been around long enough to find using Jesus name, and not just by Christians, DOES in fact often have a reaction on these spirits. Of course more so when you have faith. Which is psychologically is a sort of 'positive thinking', and 'confidence'. Remember 'positive', everything positive will affect these evil entities to a degree. positive attitude, music, thinking, objects, words, etc.)And invoking the name of Jesus, is asking for a 'positive' spirit to ward off a 'negative' ones. Using the name of Jesus alone, is often all people can remember to do in a panic. Where they forget any and all prayers they might have memorized, when there are suddenly in the presence of a demonic. The intense fear that comes with such an encounter may even affect the person where they can't recite their own address even.But we know simply saying 'Jesus' name alone has released them from paralysis, and attack, or brought a stop to poltergeist activity in the room for example.This isn't in saying that it will alone always help. Just that people should understand the significance of JESUS as a 'positive spirit', and why it make work for non-Christians as well.========== END ============Another point of universal is the idea of what is 'Negative' versus 'positive'I might first advise on a 'universal' level, but I also tell them without a more faith based approach, this advice is limited in it's effectiveness. Some examples are:+ Opening the curtains, Lift the shades and let in the sun light.+ Dealing with depression and other psychological issues they may have. Which can included some deep seeded feelings of resentment and anger towards another in the home.+ Refrain from 'darker' music, and Horror movies.+ Try to reduce household stress.+ Clean your house. (They love a messy house)+ Clean up your act. Drug/alcohol addictions+ etc. etc. All of these things can weaken the infestation and are understood universally, as there is so much of a belief system attached to it.I explain also how purity' is a 'positive', in that all of these things I mention are to bring in 'positive' (God) things to counter the 'negative' (evil).I mention that more severe haunts will not be as easy to weaken or rebuked. I tell them straight out they will have to take a 'higher spiritual path' to God of they really want this gone. By saying that they know what I mean, and the choice become theirs to make, as I said you can lead a horse to water....We can help people in other words and help them understand why some things work without getting preachy.And NOT at the expense of the truth as some may do.So in short by 'universal' I am partly referring to:1. To help them better understand why some things work.2. Have them make changes to their lifestyles, home and person, that may have an affect. These things that are not specific to any faith, rather than to not try to help them at all. When people come to me of other faiths (Including self-described agnostics, atheist), I realize that a universal approach can only help so much. But it has made progress, and some walk way with an understanding that Jesus is real. And that is a 'good start' for someone who was say an Atheist for example. As I don't want to run people away as I have heard so many times, stories of people going to get help and hearing have you been saved? There is no printed template fro handling all people each have different levels of faith, egos, personalities, we have to be empathic and try to get a feel for who they are, to better succeed in helping them.So as part of deliverance is 'Ministering', it should vary from person to person how we present and and represent the Christian Catholic faith, much of this is the same.Have you ever talked a suicide from jumping off a rooftop?Since we are dealing with the human mind as well here, often the direct approach will be counter productive. This I find as a parent as well. I hope this answered that question. Much of this was not answering you as much in my words, as you have much experience in SW.I replied in more deatil so that others might better understand as well. ; )Take care,God Bless,KD

-Kenneth Deel(Catholic)
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