America Under Attack

Listen NowTopics: The most hard hitting show yet. It is time that we realize that our way of life is under attack. President Obama is the enemy General threatening this Nation. Do not listen to what he says, watch what he does. We can see what his real agenda is by seeing who he appoints to positions in his regime. In this program we discuss four aspects of how materialism and secularism is taking over our culture. We first talk about how J.K. Rawling attacks Christians as the lunatic fringe when they criticize her books. Then we discuss a law-biding group who is banned from a 4th of July parade forever for distributing the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. Next we discuss the wicked and fascist man appointed by Obama to be Science Czar who believes in forced abortions and contraception, even putting contraceptive substances in our drinking water. Finally, we briefly talk about how pornography is a way to break down the human spirit that allows the inculcation of the secularism and materialism needed to usher in the Anti-Christ. As a supplement to this show, we also offer the follow video entitled, The Second American Revolution. We recommend you listen to the Signs of the Times show with Bro. Ignatius first, then watch the video:

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