• Welcome to the Resurrected Daily Meditations

    It has been a few years since these Daily Meditations have been offered. Many people have asked about them and so we are starting them up again. I hope the Meditations will be a blessing to you. Please feel free to leave comments on how the Meditations helped you in your day. May God richly bless you, Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM+ P.S. Baring technical troubles or illness, the daily meditations should be posted around midnight Central Time (UTC -6), with summer hours (UTC -5), each day. See the clock in the upper right hand corner of...
  • Meditations from the Hermitage - Lent

    Meditations from the Hermitage Occasional Reflections from the Wilderness Home Bro. Ignatius Mary Source Material for the Meditations Contact Privately Confessing Our Sins February 24th, 2010 Listen Now Wednesday of the First Week of Lent Sacramental Confession is a meeting with Christ. He gives us a grace when we come to Him to confess our sins. Lent is particularly appropriate time to awaken and form the conscience so as to make a Good Confession and thus live Christ’s resurrection in our souls. Posted in Lent, Sacramental Life
  • Memorial Feast of St. Alphonsus Ligouri

    Listen St. Alphonsus Ligouri is one of the greatest Saints of the Church. He was a very holy man and gives us all a model of holiness to pursue in our lives. In this Meditation we explore some of St. Liguori’s thoughts on prayer and upon mortification.
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