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Meditations from the Hermitage - Lent

by Catherine Frakas 01 Aug 2009

Meditations from the Hermitage
Occasional Reflections from the Wilderness Home

Bro. Ignatius Mary
Source Material for the Meditations
Contact Privately Confessing Our Sins February 24th, 2010 Listen Now
Wednesday of the First Week of Lent Sacramental Confession is a meeting with Christ. He gives us a grace when we come to Him to confess our sins. Lent is particularly appropriate time to awaken and form the conscience so as to make a Good Confession and thus live Christ’s resurrection in our souls. Posted in Lent, Sacramental Life | Tags: Confession | No Comments
The Help of the Guardian Angels February 23rd, 2010 Listen Now
Tuesday of the First Week of Lent The Bible tells us if the existence of Guardian Angels, the first Christians had a devotion to the Guardian Angels. Our Angels are our friends. We need to call on them for help and guidance. For a story of an experience with his Guardian Angel, read Bro. Ignatius’ story called My Angel’s Lap. Posted in Lent | Tags: Angels | No Comments
The Existence of the Devil and His Activity February 22nd, 2010 Listen Now
Monday of the First Week of Lent The devil exists and acts in people and in society. His activity is mysterious, but real and effective. Jesus Christ, however, vanquishes the devil. Trust in Christ. Use the many means He gives us to battle against the devil — including Holy Water. Posted in Lent | Tags: The Devil | No Comments
The Temptations of Jesus February 21st, 2010 Listen Now
Sunday of the First Week of Lent Our Lord understands our temptations. He was tempted Himself. He is always standing by our side. He gives us the weapons we need to conquer our temptations. Posted in Lent | Tags: Temptations | No Comments
A Time for Penance February 19th, 2010 Listen Now
Friday after Ash Wednesday Our daily work is a source of little mortifications that God asks of us. To be a penitent soul we need to stick to our daily prayer. Posted in Lent, Mortification, Penance | Tags: | No Comments
The Cross of Each Day February 18th, 2010 Listen Now
Thursday after Ash Wednesday In our daily lives we need to offer up disappointments and the little irritations and details. Jesus said, If any man would come after me, let him deny himself… We need to pick up our Cross not only on the big things, but also in the little details of daily life. Posted in Lent, Mortification | Tags: | No Comments
Lent, a time for coming closer to God February 17th, 2010 Listen Now
Ash Wednesday When any one of us realizes he is sad, or is ill-humored, bad tempered, blames others or things around him, spiritually lazy, not able to finish things, we need to say to ourselves, I am not close enough to Christ. Jesus says to us in those times, Come on! Turn around! Return to me with all your heart. Posted in Lent | Tags: Ash Wednesday | No Comments St. Michael Time
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