Novena to St Michael the Archangel

St Michael Gallery Pg 1 St Michael Gallery Pg 2 St Michael Gallery Pg 3 Chaplet Litany Novena 1 Novena 2 Novena to St Michael the Archangel Novena Prayer #2 Instructions: Pray each of these prayers daily for nine days. If your state-in-life does not allow you to pray the entire Novena, please pray at least the first prayer, called the Novena Prayer-the intentions may be implied and not recited each time. Saint Michael the Archangel, loyal champion of God and His People. I turn to you with confidence and seek your powerful intercession. For the love of God, Who made you so glorious in grace and power, and for the love of the Mother of Jesus, the Queen of the Angels, be pleased to hear our prayer. You know the value of our souls in the eyes of God. May no stain of evil ever disfigure it beauty. Help us to conquer the evil spirit who tempts us. We desire to imitate your loyalty to God and Holy Mother Church and your great love for God and people. And since you are God’s messenger for the care of His people, we entrust to you these special intentions: ...specific intentions need only be recited on the 1st day....Mention your requests Lord, hear and grant our special intentions for this Novena that we bring before You.

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