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God the Father Novena

by Catherine Frakas 02 Dec 2003

God the Father Novena Novena Prayer God, my heavenly Father, I adore You, and I count myself as nothing before Your Divine Majesty. You alone are Being, Life, Truth, and Goodness. Helpless and unworthy as i am, I honor You, I praise You, I thank You, and I love You in union with Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Savior and our Brother, in the merciful kindness of His Heart and through His infinite merits. I desire to serve You, to please You, to obey You, and to love You always in union with Mary Immaculate, Mother of God and our Mother. I also desire to love and serve my neighbor for the love of You. Heavenly Father, thank You for making me Your child in Baptism. With childlike confidence I ask You for this special favor: (Mention your request). I ask that Your Will may be done. Give me what You know to be best for my soul, and for the souls of those for whom I pray. Give me Your Holy Spirit to enlighten me, to correct me, and to guide me in the way of Your commandments and holiness, while I strive for the happiness of heaven where I hope to glorify You forever. Amen
Offering Eternal Father, I offer You the Sacrifice in which Your dear Son Jesus offered Himself upon the Cross and which He now renews upon the altar: to adore You and to render to You that honor which is Your due, by acknowledging Your supreme dominion over all things and their complete dependence on You, for You are our first beginning and our last end; to thank You for Your countless benefits received; to appease Your justice provoked to anger by so many sins, and to offer You worthy atonement for them; and, finally, to implore Your grace and mercy for myself, for all those who are in pain and distress, for all poor sinners, for the whole world, and for the holy souls in purgatory.
For Holy Church Heavenly Father, together with Your Son You sent the Holy Spirit to Your Church and her children, and You continue to send Him to work the wonders of Your Divine love in us Enlighten and strengthen through Him our Holy Father and all the bishops and priests of Your Church. Continue to confirm in ever greater holiness all the different states of life and every individual soul within Your Church, and lead her, immaculate Bride of Christ, to victory over all her enemies. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.
The Universal Prayer God, my Heavenly Father, I believe in You; increase my faith. I trust in You: strengthen my trust. I love You: let me love You more and more. I am sorry for my sins: deepen my sorrow. I worship You as my first beginning, I love You as my last end, I praise You as my constant helper, and call on You as my loving protector. Guide me by Your wisdom, correct me by Your justice, comfort me by Your mercy, protect me by Your power. I offer You, Lord, my thought: to be fixed on You; my words: to have You for their theme; my actions: to reflect my love for You; my suffering: to be endured for Your greater glory. I want to do what You ask of me: in the way You ask, for as long as You ask, because You ask it. Heavenly Father, enlighten my understanding, strengthen my will, purify my heart, and make me holy. Help me to repent of my past sins, to resist temptation in the future, to rise above my human weaknesses, and to grow stronger as a Christian. Let me love You, my Lord and my God, and see myself as I really am: a pilgrim in this world, a Christian called to respect and love all whose lives I touch, those in authority over me or those under my authority, my friends and my enemies. Help me to conquer anger by gentleness, greed by generosity, apathy by fervor. Help me to forget myself and reach out toward others. Make me prudent in planning, courageous in taking risks, patient in suffering, and unassuming in prosperity Keep me, Father, attentive at prayer, temperate in food and drink, diligent in my work, and firm in my good intentions. Let my conscience be clear, my conduct without fault, my speech blameless, my life well-ordered. Put me on guard against my human weaknesses; let me cherish Your love for me, keep Your law, and come at last to Your salvation. Teach me to realize that this world is passing, that my true future is the happiness of heaven, that life on earth is short, and the life to come eternal. Help me to prepare for death with a proper fear of judgment, but a greater trust in Your goodness. lead me safely through death to the endless joy of heaven. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Prayer God, Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ crucified, Your beloved Son, I beg You to forgive all my sins, all my negligences, and all the transgressions of my past life. God, Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ crucified, Your Divine Son, I beg You to grant me the grace to serve You in this life according to Your holy Will. God, Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, Your only-begotten Son, I beg You to have mercy on me at the hour of my death and to receive my soul. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen. St. Francis of Assisi

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