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Nine Days of Prayer in Any Necessity

by Catherine Frakas 27 Nov 2003

Nine Days of Prayer in Any Necessity Day 1-Day 2-Day 3-Day 4Day 5-Day 6-Day 7-Day 8-Day 9 1st Day O God, come to my assistance. O Lord, make haste to help me. Heavenly Father, you know all things, and nothing is hidden from you; in your kindness come to my aid in my present distress, and grant my humble petition. In Christ's name I beg your help. Amen. Action: Do a kind deed today for someone you meet. 2nd Day Hear, O Lord, and have pity on me. O Lord, be my helper. Father in heaven, your love for us never falters in spite of our sins and failures. Please show your mercy and care for me in my difficulty. For the sake of Christ, our Savior, have pity of me. Amen. Action: Recognize the image of Christ today in those around you. 3rd Day Lord, be not far from me. Awake and be vigilant in my defense, my God. Loving Father, you are not far from any of us since in you we live, move and have our being. Kindly increase my awareness of your presence, and take care of my pressing need. Christ, our Lord, assures us you will. Amen. Action: For this day, cast all your cares upon the Lord. 4th Day Your ways, O Lord, make known to me. Teach me your paths. Father almighty, your ways and mysterious purpose are often hidden from us; guide me now, I beg you, in my sorrow, and by your power aid me to know your will. May I do it in imitation of Christ, our redeemer. Amen. Action: Consider seriously today how best you can do God's will. 5th Day Now will I arise, says the Lord. I will grant safety to him who longs for it. In you, heavenly Father, I confidently place all my trust. In your hands I leave all my anxieties with faith in your care for me. From you alone I away relief because of Christ, your Son, who pleads for us. Amen. Action: For God's sake, help some person today whom you may not like. 6th Day O Lord, reprove me not in your anger, Nor chastise me in your wrath. Merciful Father, you know my sins and disobedience, my weakness and ingratitude which have deserved punishment. Yet, you are ever ready to forgive, and gracious to all in trouble. In Christ's name, come quickly to help me. Amen. Action: Hold back today the harsh word; banish the unkind thought. 7th Day The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, A stronghold in time of distress. Father in heaven, you never reject those who seek your help, and are ever ready to comfort the sorrowful. Have pity on me in my needs, and rescue me from all my afflictions. In Christ's name I implore your compassion. Amen. Action: In imitation of Christ, do good to those who dislike you. 8th Day The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, And those who are crushed in spirit, He saves. Your goodness, heavenly Father, responds speedily to our wretchedness. In my distress I call upon you to hear and answer my prayers. In you alone, O God, I will continue to trust despite everything. In Christ's name. Amen. Action: Help someone you know who needs your aid today. 9th Day The Lord came to my support. He set me free and rescued me because He loves me. Gracious Father, I will thank you each day for your merciful goodness to me. With your help I will ever praise your kindness in my trouble. Please assist me now in faithfully following Christ, my Savior. Amen. Action: In gratitude, be good to others today and always.

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