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Catholic Challenge: Vatican II And You

by Catherine Frakas 14 May 2003

Catholic Challenge: Vatican II And You with Allen Schreck You need Real PlayerTo Listen to the Tape An Introduction To Vatican IIwith Allen Schrecklooks at the most recent council of the church which was held almost 30 years ago, what they are and what they do. Councils are called to respond to the challenges of the world of the day. He talks about how Vatican II affected the Church and why it was called. Dei Verbumwith Allen Schrecktalks about the constitution of Divine Revelation (Word of god), the understanding of God's revelation, revelation having to do with word and deeds, Salvation History and what it is, how sacred Scripture and tradition are related together. These are ways that God's word is presented. Dei Verbumwith Allen Schreck &Scott Hahncontinues to look at the document Dei Verbum and also the Dogmatic constitution on the Church also known as Lumen Gentium, focusing on two major themes: on the mystery of the church and the church as the people of God. Lumen Gentiumwith Allen Schreckcontinues to look at the central constitution of Vatican II, Lumen Gentium. It looks at the church as the family. We're all called to holiness and this document teaches us the way to holiness. He continues to look at who are the people of God and how does the Catholic Church relate to other Christians and how they belong to the People of God. Sacrosanctum Conciliumwith Allen Schrecklooks at the pastoral constitution on Liturgy. The Liturgy was changed so that the faithful could become full and active participants, & understand what was going on. Gaudium Et Speswith Allen Schrecklooks at the Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World which is known as Gaudium et Spes (Joy and Hope). It is one of the four pillars of the second Vatican council which forms the core of teachings of the counsel. He introduces Dr. Regis Martin who talks about the mystery of man revealed in Christ. Laity & Marriagewith Allen Schrecklooks at two important documents. The creed of the apostolate of the laity Apostolicam Actuositatem and then the second part of Gaudium et Spes. He talks about Lumen Gentium and the chapter it has which deals with Laity and who they are. He talks about the purpose of marriage and of having children, about the call to marriage and the need for lay formation. Bishops, Priests, And Formationwith Allen Schrecklooks at three important documents which deals with the priestly formation. They are the document on the Pastoral office of the Bishop in the Church (Christus Dominus), on the ministry and life of a priest (Presbyterorum Ordinis), and the decree on priestly formation (Optatam Totius). Renewal Of Religious Lifewith Allen Schrecktalks about the establishment and history of religious life and the need for renewal in this modern time. Religious Freedomwith Allen Schreckdiscusses the declaration on religious freedom (Dignitatis Humanae), the most singular significant development of Catholic doctrine, nothing is more vital to the dignity of man than religious freedom. Non-Christians, Religious, Muslims

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