Martin J. Amos, Bishop of Davenport

Martin J. Amos, Bishop of Davenport, is inducted into our Hall of Shame, for his decision to allow a homosexual activist student to be presented with a scholarship award from Eychaner Foundation's Gold Matthew Shephard Scholarship, a pro-homosexual group, during commencement at a Catholic High School. No one is disputing that this student cannot have this scholarship, but when has it become a tradition to announce college scholarships during a High School Graduation Ceremonies? In this case, the scharlorship is one in which the qualifications are, according to the Eychaner Foundation website: Openly LGBT Iowa high school seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale, an ACT score of 22 or better, demonstratable LGBT activism and community service, and a history of high moral and ethical standards and conduct. Thus, this scholarship is to praise and encourage teenage sodomy, and to display perverted morality and ethical standards in utter conflict with Church teaching. Teachers and administrators are complicit in this crime against this young man for not considering his soul. Michael Voris gives a good summary of the issues: Read About It >>>

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