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Hall Shame

Girls Scouts

by Catherine Frakas 02 Jun 2011

[Note: this is an update from the original June 2, 2010 posting] We induct into our Hall of Shame the Girl Scouts for their position on God, Homosexuality, abortion, contraceptives. Denver’s Auxiliary Bishop, James D. Conley has issued a caution concerning the Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts in 1999 made belief in God optional and have a non-discrimination policy for lesbian Scout leaders and girls. Intimate sexual topics such as abortion, contraceptives, population control, and homosexuality are not unusual topics addressed by the Girl Scouts organization. Kathryn Jean Lopez, an associate editor of the National Review, in her article in the October 23, 2000 issue of the National review, The Cookie Crumbles, reports: It’s been a long slide for the Girl Scouts. First, as James Davison Hunter points out in his new book The Death of Character, they dropped loyalty from their oath in 1972, in favor of I will do my best to be honest and fair. In 1975, a Catholic archdiocese cut off all support of the Girl Scouts because of their sex-ed program. In 1993, the Girl Scouts made God optional in the Girl Scout Promise: On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, to help people at all times and to live by the Girl Scout Law. (The Boy Scouts, meanwhile, have been sued over keeping God obligatory in their oath.) Today, the Girl Scouts is arguably one of the most politically correct organizations in the country The Girl Scouts does not have a discrimination policy, as they like to put it Girl Scouts doors are open to all, gay Scout leaders and girls. Girl Scout policy forbids sex on Girl Scouts time. But the book On My Honor: Lesbians Reflect on Their Scouting Experience, published in 1997, is filled with coming-of-age stories sparked by gay encounters in the Girl Scouts. Along with an essay entitled All I Really Need to Know About Being a Lesbian I Learned at Girl Scout Camp, and various stories of butch counselors who wore men’s clothes and had slicked back short hair, is testimony to the prevalence of lesbians in Girl Scouting. One writer remembers: By the time I was a junior counselor, Mic was assistant camp director and her gruff, deep-voiced directives no longer scared me. I didn’t know that most of the counselors were lesbians. Others remember how sleepovers and camping trips were opportunities for same-sex sexual experimentation. Girl Scout staffers writing in the book claim that roughly one in three of the Girl Scouts’ paid professional staff is lesbian. Another article on girl scouts reveals even more: In her 2009 article, Girl Scouts exposed: Lessons in Lesbianism, Chelsea Schilling describes: When many parents think of Girl Scouts, they imagine young girls in uniform selling Thin Mints and Tagalong cookies not learning about stone labyrinths, world peace, global warming, yoga, avatars, smudging incense, Zen gardens and feminist, communist and lesbian role models. But that’s exactly what many of 2.7 million Girl Scouts will learn about with a new curriculum called Journeys released last year. Read full article >>> Two teens have stated a website called Speak Now: Girl Scouts (Speaking the Truth About Girl Scouts). A Catholic alternative would be Little Flowers Girls’ Club.

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