Father David Trosch

Father David Trosch is inducted into our Hall of Shame due to his rebellion against the Church and causing scandal among the Faithful. Father Trosch is a Roman Catholic priest who disagrees with most bishops and priests. Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb has removed his faculties to act publicly in the name of the Church. Father Trosch’s website sports topics such as: Bent Cross inverted Cross Paul VI a satanist John Paul II a murderer John XXIII, 33rd Degree Mason crafty LEGAL pope, but not moral pope The developer and principal author of this website (www.trosch.org) is Fr. David C. Trosch. He became well known in newspapers and magazines worldwide for a cartoon that raised philosophical questions concerning Justifiable Homicide, specifically whether abortion providers may be killed as a moral means of defense for the innocent unborn. Fr. Trosch has unfortunately been the focus of attention on many regional, national, and international television shows such as: Geraldo, Rolonda, Christina, Dateline, Today Show, Margie Clapprood Show, Investigative Reports, Conspiracy Tapes, etc. He has also been on radio talk shows from New York City to Los Angeles. He has been the cause of much controversy and the focus of much opposition. After a time as a successful business manager and owner he entered seminary at the age of forty-two. He was ordained for and served as priest in the archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama until restricted by his bishop for his public position on radical defensive action of the unborn which including the possibility of killing abortionists. Father Trosch died in October 2012. His organization is: LIFE ENTERPRISES UNLIMITED P. O. Box 850307 Mobile, AL 36685

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