Dial One for English

This entry in the Hall of Shame is set aside to list on an ongoing manner, all the anti-American companies who require a person to Dial One for English to get customer service. Why must we dial one for English when it is the language of this Nation? It is insulting and disrespectful to the citizens of this great Nation to have companies require us to Dial One for English. Those who choose to immigrate to the United States we welcome with open arms, but if immigrants choose to come here they must learn the language of this Nation. That is the way it has always been. In no other nation in the world does a person have to dial one for the language of their nation. To have bi-lingual customer service departments, schools, banks, ATM machines, and the like discourages Hispanics from learning English. If they wish to be in this country — LEARN THE LANGUAGE! Kay and Ron Rivoli have a song about this, which we present here as an anthem for this particular issue. After the music video, which is a great song, we will list companies that require Dial One for English and/or have customer service personnel who cannot speak fluent English. We appeal to the public to let us know of companies who do this and we will add them to the list. Be sure to include the company’s website and/or address. Let us now listen to this great song, Dial One for English, by Kay and Ron Rivoli, who received our Hall of Honor award in October 2009:

Inductees into the Hall of Shame for the anti-American practice of requiring a person to Dial One for English
TracFone Wireless, Inc. 9700 N.W. 112th Avenue Miami, FL 33178
Mediacom Communications 100 Crystal Run Road Middletown NY 10941

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