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Hall of Shame - Catholic Organizations

by Catherine Frakas 20 Aug 2012

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Hall of Shame Showcases those who have offended the Christian ethic. Archive for the Catholic Organizations' Category
Fr. Stephen A. Privett, S.J. and the Vagina Monologues Thursday, July 1th, 2010 Fr. Stephen A. Privett, S.J., President of University of San Francisco, is inducted into the Hall of Shame for perverted support and defense of the Vagina Monologues. Matthew Archbold, in his LifeSiteNews article, At least ten Catholic colleges will host Vagina Monologues in 2014, observes: The Monologues seriously distorts human sexuality and celebrates sinful behaviors, including lesbian activity and masturbation. One scene even declares a lesbian rape of a teenage girl her salvation which raised her into a kind of heaven. Father Privett, in an 2013 interview, defended the play and seemingly compared it to a nativity play. How perverted can one be? The Monologues not only proposes and supports moral depravity and sin, but behavior that degrades the human person, and perverts the soul. This is straight out of hell itself. That at least ten Catholic colleges, or student groups or other groups approved by the colleges, are hosting this depravity is a major scandal. Those colleges are: The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass Georgetown University Women's Center in Washington, D.C. DePaul University in Chicago Bellarmine University in Louisville, Ky Saint Louis University (Mo.) Loyola University New Orleans (La.) Loyola University Chicago (Ill.) Saint Mary's College of California Seattle University (Wash.) Santa Clara University's does not appear to have scheduled the Monologues in 2014 as of this date, but the University has hosted the Monologues numerous times in recent years, according to Matthew Archbold’s article. We call upon the bishops of those colleges to order the colleges to cancel these productions upon pain of sin and formal censure or even expulsion of the name of Catholic from that school. Any bishop who does not do this is an accomplice to this sin, depravity, and scandal. We also call upon Fr. Privett’s superiors to censure him for his perverted remarks and support of this depraved play. Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Posted in Catholic Organizations, Catholic Personalities, Universities & Colleges | No Comments »
Defenders of the Catholic Faith Discussion Board Thursday, July 1th, 2010 Defenders of the Catholic Faith Discussion Board, a Catholic discussion social network started by convert Stephen Ray, is inducted into our Hall of Shame because moderators of the Board have joined the growing number of Social Networking sites who ban members because of a member’s past sins, even though the member has behaved in stellar manner on the Board. This is direct violation of the Christian Ethic of charity, forgiveness, and recognition of redemption. One’s past sins are never to held against him. The Christian Ethic opposes Scarlet Letter treatment of people. It is a direct violation of how Jesus dealt with people, for example, the woman caught in adultery, which was a sex crime punishable by death. Jesus told the woman, go and sin no more. Such behavior on the part of Christian Forums constitute sins of bigotry and rash judgment against their members. If such members had nefarious intentions on the Board they would not be joining the Board with their real names and information. In a manner similar to gun control, such laws only effect law-biding citizens, as criminals can readily gain access to guns. Here, such banning of members only effects those members of good faith and intent, while people of nefarious intent can join the Board at will. It is not known if Stephen Ray or other owners have established this policy. We recognize that sometimes these decisions are made by individual moderators unbeknownst to the owners. Nevertheless, this policy against the Christian Ethic is exercised by Defenders of the Catholic Faith Discussion Board. Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Catholic Organizations, Social Networks Posted in Catholic Organizations, Social Networks | No Comments »
Martin J. Amos, Bishop of Davenport Thursday, July 1th, 2010 Martin J. Amos, Bishop of Davenport, is inducted into our Hall of Shame, for his decision to allow a homosexual activist student to be presented with a scholarship award from Eychaner Foundation's Gold Matthew Shephard Scholarship, a pro-homosexual group, during commencement at a Catholic High School. No one is disputing that this student cannot have this scholarship, but when has it become a tradition to announce college scholarships during a High School Graduation Ceremonies? In this case, the scharlorship is one in which the qualifications are, according to the Eychaner Foundation website: Openly LGBT Iowa high school seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale, an ACT score of 22 or better, demonstratable LGBT activism and community service, and a history of high moral and ethical standards and conduct. Thus, this scholarship is to praise and encourage teenage sodomy, and to display perverted morality and ethical standards in utter conflict with Church teaching. Teachers and administrators are complicit in this crime against this young man for not considering his soul. Michael Voris gives a good summary of the issues: Read About It >>> Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Catholic Organizations, Catholic Personalities, Secondary & Elementary Schools Posted in Catholic Organizations, Catholic Personalities, Secondary & Elementary Schools | No Comments »
Knights of Columbus Thursday, July 1th, 2010 The Knights of Columbus in inducted into our Hall of Shame for their complicity in the culture of death by refusing to remove from their membership pro-abortion politicians. Considering this fact and that many Knights, even Grand Knights, are resigning as a result, we can no longer recommend membership is the Knights of Columbus as long as this corruption exists. Real Catholic TV reports: Article from Fidelity Magazine mentioned in the report. Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Posted in Catholic Organizations | No Comments »
Real Catholic TV Thursday, July 1th, 2010 Real Catholic TV is inducted into our Hall of Shame for the unethical practice of administering the opt-out system of emailings. An opt-out system is where a company will automatically place a customer’s email address (or street address) on the company’s mail list without permission (or in some cases, as with Catholic Answers, sell that information to others without permission). A customer may opt-out of this but usually the customer does not even know this is possible. If one buys a product from Real Catholic TV the email used on the customer’s PayPal account is automatically used to place on a email list to receive unsolicited email from Real Catholic TV. This becomes a double problem in that not only is one’s email address placed on a list without permission or knowledge, but that the PayPal Account address is placed on some list. In many instances a person’s PayPal account is unique to the PayPal account and never intended by the person to be used for any other purpose. Upon discussing this with Real Catholic TV the typical rationalizations were given that doing an opt-out system was standard business procedure and that they were not breaking any laws as those to whom they send the unsolicited email have a prior business relationship with them. It may be true that Real Catholic TV did not break any laws about spam, but as a Christian organization it is called to higher standard than what is merely legal. Indeed, an honorable person does the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not because some ethical rule or law forces him to do it. As the Internet becomes more entrenched into our lives we find it disturbing that Catholic companies and organizations become more and more secular in their approach to doing business. What is worse is that instead of owing up to failing higher standards, such companies and organizations desperately hang onto technical and legal considerations to excuse their behavior. Shame on them. We will continue to induct into the Hall of Shame all those Christian companies and organization to which we are aware who conduct their business from the low road of secular business (even is such practice is technically legal). Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Catholic Organizations Posted in Catholic Organizations | No Comments »
Catholic Answers-Part Deux Thursday, July 1th, 2010 Catholic Answers is inducted into our Hall of Shame for a second time for failure to properly moderate their discussion forums concerning heresies and heterodoxies against the Catholic Church. Catholic Answers Forum is the largest Catholic discussion board, with just over 100,000 users and nearly 5 million posts. It’s sheer size, though, seems to be contributing to a major problem with the forum: lack of moderation. Generally the Catholic Answers Forum moderators only intervene when a discussion becomes heated with name-calling, rule violations, or when a member becomes disruptive. This level of moderation is essentially that of a Hall Monitor. Moderation over substantive issues, such as proposals of heresies or other violations of Church teaching that could confuse or mislead people receive almost no attention from the Catholic Answers staff. It is up to the users themselves to correct one another. The problem with this model is that without some voice of authority to assert and to confirm Church teaching, often the truth is drowned out by several users posting opinions that are in opposition to Church teaching, or a single user persisting in error, leading to pages and pages of debate. A non-Catholic (or a poorly catechized Catholic) would have difficulty discerning the correct information, since the moderators do not take a leadership role as far as reinforcing the truth. Catholic Answers needs to have its moderators handle both issues of civility and truth. Instead of allowing such threads to go on for several pages unchecked, moderators should instruct the offender, and then close the thread if the person continues to defy the truth. Here are a some examples: A user posted a thread in Catholic Spirituality called Why I reject Jesus. The thread goes on for 13 pages with well-meaning people trying to help the poster, some people agreeing with the poster, and not one comment from a moderator. The thread should have been locked, and probably moved to the non-Catholic religions section since rejecting Jesus has nothing to do with Catholic Spirituality. A second example can be found in a thread titled, The Saint Within, also on the Catholic Spirituality board. In this thread, a Catholic posted a link to a website promoting a kind of spirituality that is not Catholic, but instead is a New Age site that promotes Christ Consciousness. The user titled the link to this site Christian Mysticism. Immediately two posters pointed out the New-Ageness of the site. This was followed by 6 pages of arguing among Catholics about whether or not the site was New Age. Once again, there is no moderator intervention, and the thread remains unlocked. The user posting the site now has a link to that site in her signature line. The link should have at least been moved out of the Catholic Spirituality Forum, but also the user should have been asked to delete the link from her signature and profile. Because of the way this thread was handled, (or not handled), the average Joe stumbling upon the post wouldn’t know whether or not the site is appropriate for Catholics. The Church teaches us in the Catechism: 1868 Sin is a personal act. Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them: – by participating directly and voluntarily in them; – by ordering, advising, praising, or approving them; – by not disclosing or not hindering them when we have an obligation to do so; – by protecting evil-doers. 1869 Thus sin makes men accomplices of one another and causes concupiscence, violence, and injustice to reign among them. As the owners of the discussion forums, Catholic Answers has a duty, responsibility, and obligation to hinder the promotion, or the appearance of promotion of notions that are anti-Catholic or not in concert with Church teaching and worldview. Instead, because of the lack of moderation, Catholic Answers Forums, which has a considerable reputation for giving Catholic answers, often allows information that is un-Catholic, and leaves it up to the users themselves to decide what is truth? Instead of a laissez-faire style moderation in which the inmates run the asylum, Catholic Answers Forum needs to adopt the approach of St. Augustine: Rome has spoken; the debate is ended. Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Catholic Organizations Posted in Catholic Organizations | No Comments »
Catholic Answers Thursday, July 1th, 2010 Catholic Answers is inducted into our Hall of Shame for what we feel are unethical fund-raising methods. Catholic Answers uses an opt-out method of marketing. This means that subscribers to This Rock magazine, for example, will have their names and addresses sold to outside companies and organization without their permission or knowledge. A subscriber finds out, or suspects this has happened only after he begins receiving dozens of pieces of junk mail per week after subscribing to This Rock. The subscriber can then call Catholic Answers and request to opt-out (be removed from the list that is sold) but it is too late — the subscriber’s name is already out there. For a definition of the opt-in / opt-out strategies see the article E-Mail Marketing – Opt-in And Opt-out Methods. This article refers to email marketing, but the terms also apply to snail mail marketing. Opt-out strategies have been controversial for many years. Numerous consumer complaints about this marketing method has prompted the Federal Government to pass legislation and regulations to ensure the consumer in several industries (e.g., the financial industry) is well informed of an opt-out option. The National Do Not Call Registry is response to protect consumers from opt-out marketing. The Direct Market Association offers a service to opt-out of direct mailings. All of these services were responses to the massive complaints from the public concerning junk mailers, telemarketers, and others who were intruding upon people without their permission. From this information alone it is rather obvious, we believe, that the opt-out method of marketing and raising money is not ethical and not consistent with Christianity. To sell a person’s name and address to others without the person’s permission is on-its-face unethical and a violation of privacy. Catholic Answers states (in a phone conversation) that they must do this to raise money for their ministry. When it was suggested that this was unethical they said that it benefits them to do this. It was then pointed out that in Christian morality the ends do not justify the means. While the customer service person said she would pass along the complaint, she remarked that selling names and address of their subscribers is needed and that it was standard practice among non-profits. We replied that as Christians we are to be counter-cultural and not do things the way the world does things. In addition, there are thousands of non-profits who refuse to use this method, including this ministry, because of its ethical problems. Catholic Answers has failed to pursue the excellent course, to take the high road that Christ called us all to follow. They have, instead chosen the low road of worldly standards that offer little consideration for their subscribers in favor of raising money. BUYER BEWARE: If you subscribe to This Rock Magazine or have your name and address recorded on Catholic Answers database expect to get flooded with junk mail. Read the rest of this entry » Tags: Catholic Organizations, Admin Notes, Businesses and Organizations, Catholic Personalities, Courts, Delinquent Children, Government, Media Organizations, Media Personalities, Other Public Figures, Other Religious Organizations, Other Religious Personalities, Parish Modernism, Political Personalities, School Administrators, Secondary & Elementary Schools, Social Networks, Society, Special Snowflakes, Universities & Colleges, Websites Posted in Catholic Organizations | No Comments »
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