California Teachers Association

Homeschooling is Anarchy! A California court rules that parents have no right to home school their children. One of the many organization filing an amicus brief is the California Teachers Association (CTA). The CTA asserts that parents should have no rights over the education of their children, should have no right to home school, and that the children ought to be literally forced into public schools over their parents’ objections. If this is not outrageous enough the CTA shows their true colors when they state in their amicus that to allow parents to be able to home school without being credentialed teachers could result in educational anarchy That argument, says Pro-family attorney Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, discounts reality. This is ignoring the facts that home schooling is widespread in California, he exclaims. Over 200,000 children are being home schooled right now in California — and they score higher academically than not only public school children, but also children in traditional private schools. If there’s anarchy, the anarchy is in public schools. What reveals the agenda of the teacher’s union even more is that both the state superintendent of public instruction and the California Department of Education have filed briefs supporting the legality of home schooling. Why is this teacher’s union so against home schooling by uncredentialed teachers? Perhaps they fear losing control of the indoctrination of our children. Teacher’s unions, both local and national, have been the primary propagators of abusive and ineffective teaching theories such as the whole word reading technique and outcome-based eduction. The Teacher’s Union clearly has their personal agenda and interests at heart and not the best interest of the children. For this they are inducted into the Hall of Shame.

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