Ron and Kay Rivoli

Ron and Kay Rivoli (Rivoli Revue) are inducted into our Hall of Honor as true patriots. It is within a democratic society and free enterprise that the Christian ethic is best facilitated. We need to resist the current government that is pushing the United States away from the vision of the Founding Fathers and toward socialism and quasi-fascism. Music is one of the best ways to present a message. The music of the Rivoli’s is excellent in support of the American ideal. This first video is called Freedom’s Not Free:

This next video is rather insightful about the coming socialism called, U.S.S. of A:

This video make comment on the odd phenomenon of English becoming a second language in the United States, Dial One for English:

Concerning the Bail Out the Rivoli’s have their Bail Out Song:

And finally, about Obamacare that the vast majority of Americans do not want, the Rivoli’s give us the song, Obama Healthcare: Big Fat No:

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