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Mission Statement

by Catherine Frakas 05 Jan 2010

Mission Statement The Catholic Support Group for Sexual Addictions Recovery (CSGSAR) is a Catholic group of fellow sufferers from addition to pornography, lust, and sins of the flesh. Addictions of any sort, but never more so than in sexual addictions, offers a special sort of suffering for the one addicted. This special sort of suffering that even non-religious people experience (at least unconsciously) derives from the fact that these disordered sexual impulses are counter to the knowledge of God’s plan for sexuality that has been implanted into the souls of all human beings. Despite admonitions from the inner knowledge of God’s Truth and His Church, from family, friends, and even much of society, and no matter how much we don’t want to participate in the addiction, we find ourselves compelled to do so, sometimes with little warning or provocation. In addition to the suffering coming from the very nature that God has implanted into his people, as good and moral Catholics desiring to be close to God we earnestly desire in a profound and particular way to be rid of this addiction and to cease the slavery to pornography, lust, masturbation and other sexual sins that seem to plague us. We have an intense desire to be clean and pure before our Lord, our Blessed Mother, our loved ones, and our brethren. We feel embarrassed, shameful, and guilty when this problem, no matter how much we try, just doesn’t seem to go away. We may even feel despair at our lack of ability to resolve this problem. Suffering always affects the whole person — mind, body, and spirit. The suffering from this addiction can easily affect other areas of our life. We desperately desire healing. We come to the Sacrament of Confession truly contrite and wanting to be healed of this affliction, but oftentimes cannot help to be suspicious of our own motivations scrupulously second-guessing our contrition, purpose of amendment, and repentance. Are we really sorry for this sin? Are we really contrite? and especially Are we coming to confession with a true purpose of amendment? How can we be truly wanting amendment when I know I will likely need confession again in a few days? We may wonder even if God truly is forgiving us despite the Priest’s absolution.This pondering can lead to avoiding confession altogether, or at least avoiding frequent confession. Once going down this road, we may even find ourselves avoiding Mass. Although not everyone who is afflicted by this addiction may experience the full course of this description, the addiction nevertheless poses a serious problem for all of us so afflicted. The sense of shame and guilt may be profound and our ability to feel worthy of responsibilities we might have, particularly in the apostolate and in the Church, may be weakened. We may feel like hypocrites in our daily Christian walk. God understands and loves us. CSGSAR is a safe place (as a computer discussion group can be) where people with the common bonds of being Catholic followers of Christ and being fellow sufferers of sexual addictions may share and seek support for our struggles with this addiction. We offer resources for Tips on How to Avoid Sin, advice and remedies given by the Church and the saints, and the fellowship of fellow sufferers. You are not alone. As fellow Catholics with this addiction, we can understand the struggles and with that understanding encourage and uplift each other, and perhaps even help to facilitate healing. Together we can encourage each other to accountability for our actions, to overcoming the compulsions, and to finding freedom. Search Search for:

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